Wednesday, July 14, 2021

The Power of My BLOG

While I may only get comments from the same few wonderful followers, I've learned my blog is more powerful than imagined.  Guess I sorta thought since I had few commenters that meant there were only a few readers.  BTW, you guys who comment, keep it up and to those who are fearful to comment your thoughts/questions just know they are always welcome.

In June I posted this rug pattern and learned Margaret Shaw was the designer.  There were two gals who inquired about the rug so July 2nd I posted the designer and provided a link ~ same link which is just above. Before Independence Day I contacted her and she said she would work on it after the July 4th weekend.  
Well this morning Margaret emailed and said she drew two patterns (one for me and one for follower Jane).  The cost is $60 for the 20 x 27 pattern and includes shipping.  So if you envision this on your frame also, drop by M
argaret's FB shop.

Remember when we were kids and watched cartoons and we laughed a silly things like someone slipping on a banana or Heckle and Jeckle stirring up trouble?  As I've only had use of one hand and couldn't touch fingers together you should have seen me put on and take off my bra.  Although I was frustrated and was painful to me I'm sure you'd have chuckled as I probably would now if I'd seen it on video.  Still have some swelling but no throbbing pain thank GOD.  Am still using ice to reduce swelling and taking my meds.  

Haven't tried pulling a loop yet but am getting ready to go try now since am now able to type my blog with two hands.

Happy hooking everyone!



  1. What? you should have gone braless! Let it all hang out. WE never know who is reading our blog and who they feel about it I know when I look at the traffic I am always amazed.
    love that rug but have to many projects as it is. Said no hooker ever lol

  2. See, you are just not supposed to get hurt. That's what your bra is trying to tell you (haha) Hope you heal quickly.

  3. Cathy from Acorn Hollow has good advice. lol...
    I'm glad that you got the pattern for that rug and i hope that you'll be able to hook it soon.

    I've had so much traffic lately on my blog even though I hadn't posted for a long time. Maybe we are being watched...

    Hugs, Julia

  4. I think Cathy has the right idea!!!

  5. Ha're a better girl than I LOL. I'd say let them be free. 🤪 Each time you show that rug I love it more - and I am not even that huge a fan of chickens. But I have always love M. Shaw's artwork...I was so happy when she started making some of her pieces into patterns. One of the first larger rugs I did was one of her rabbits (the one that I hang at the top of the stair well in the spring. I've had it one my blog several times I know.) I also have punched many of her designs and I still have at least one more of her patterns squirreled away....someplace. Think it's of 2 cats?? I should dig it out some day...but not today. Hope you got some loops pulled. ~Robin~

  6. Not funny!!! But oh my,,,the vision,!!! Glad UR better!!!
    Wow,,,What a time!!and hoping u can hook soon,,,,

  7. I am so glad you can type again with both hands. I think the consensus was no bra. I think that would have been me too.
    Its scary when our hands don't work. It is for me. I kind of panic.
    Lovely pattern, I bet you are excited.
    Have a wonderful day.

  8. Yes , let those gals swing !!!LOL !!! Happy you can type with both hands and you are feeling better....slowly , but surely . We take for granted our body parts , until they get injured. Take care !

  9. OMG I would love to go braless forever!!! I so love the outer border of this rug, but not so much the red chickens. Me not a chicken girl....but know others like them. Hope you re getting better. Janice

  10. Glad you still have your sense of humor after all of this.


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