Sunday, July 18, 2021

My Next Project Drawn Plus a Question

I have finally drawn my next Magdalena project Rooster, Duck and Horse.  Must say it was really a struggle for me and almost gave up.  Problem was more with the angle of the photo at the top than the distortion at the bottom.  
Had a similar problem when drawing out Lisa's Horse pattern from the photo below, tho the angle wasn't as bad as the one above.
I enlarge my own patterns with the Paint program included with the Microsoft Windows program and don't see any way to enlarge incrementally the size of a photo at one end to meet the dimensions at the other.  So now the question: is there anyone out there who is way more computer or software savvy than me who can help or inform me how to do it?   Or what software is required?

On another topic, since being on antibiotics my stomach has felt queasy most every day.  As the swelling and pain are gone from the hand and have been on meds for a week I declare myself finished with them.

Am a little excited to start the Magdalena but will wait until tomorrow.  Don't plan on seeing much of anything for a few days on either of the pieces I'm working on tho ~ errands and vacuuming tomorrow, Tuesday have my car at the shop for 2-3 hours where I'll spend time binding a rug.  Can't think of a better time to do binding than waiting for a car repair.

Happy hooking.



  1. Sounds like too much aggravation for me....I'd end up free handing it....or crop the photo to include only the part that's "distorted" and then enlarge that separately and splice.... Yeah....I'm just software whiz LOL. Well no wonder you dislike binding rugs if you associate them willingly with something as distasteful as car repairs. 😜

  2. Wow,,alot of Work! No computer whiz at all,,,,I hand draw some patterns,,,used to anyway,,,Don't have a copier either,,,
    It's a wonder we have wifi,,,haha,,,Hope UR tummy feels better now,,,Enjoy UR binding,,,,

  3. I've never used a computer program to enlarge or design a rug. All done by hand on paper. Sorry, I can't help. You might try a Youtube tutorial.
    Good luck.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. Sorry I am an Idiot with computer things !
    For your queasy stomach try eating probiotics .... antibiotics knock out all the good bacteria in our gutt...some yogurts are better than others for that .
    Hope you feel better ....

  5. Sorry no help here. I am so computer illiterate. Janice

  6. Playing blog catch up!
    Ox Farm is looking good and I look forward to the new MBE rug! I'm sure it will be wonderful as always.
    Sometimes the antibiotic makes me feel worse than what it is trying to fix. Tsk. Tsk. You know you are supposed to finish all the med, right? Hopefully the problem won't return.


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