Monday, July 5, 2021

Designing by the Seat of My Pants

As I'm typing the title decided to see what other posts had the same title so wasn't surprised that seems to be my MO.  It was the same with a rug designed for my son and grandson.  This one can be added to the list but this rug is for me.

Here's what little has been accomplished so far.  You can visualize part of the original design which has been altered but not yet hooked and some which won't be  hooked.  Don't know what to do with that space or to leave it as background?
Am thinking perhaps to put this on the backburner to let it simmer until deciding what to do next.  Meanwhile I'll pull more loops on the Thin Blue Line since that is so close to the finish line.  Plus the fact I've two doctor appointments this week and who knows how long I'll need to WAIT!  So can use that time to bind rugs.  

Also plan to draw out a Magdalena design I haven't hooked yet in the event Ox Farm gets put into the UFO basket.  I've huge admiration for those folks who have art degrees or a natural talent for primitive designing.  But hell, Magdalena didn't have a degree and her work is ethereal. 



  1. Your mat looks great!!!
    I actually hooked for the first time in ages!!!
    And meeting other girls in the park Fridays,,,So hoping g my mojo is back!!!
    Take care at UR Dr appt,,,

  2. Your rug design looks great and I would leave it as is. The colors are perfect and will look beautiful once finished.

    Good luck with your Dr appointments. I have one on the 28th.

    Hugs, Julia

  3. Well, I like what you‘be done thus far, but I am certainly not a designer.

  4. I like your rug so far too !!! People in the Dr's waiting room ,must be fascinated watching you bind your rugs ! Funny if someone wanted to buy it !!!
    Good luck at your apts ......Hot & Steamy again !

  5. Looks great to me! Good luck with your appointments this week

  6. I think your rug looks perfect and no need to put it on the back burner. You have the hard stuff done!
    Looking forward to your next MBE rug.


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