Saturday, August 28, 2021

Get'n Ready

That's right, I'm getting ready because I don't want to cut it too close, after all there's only 21 days and a wake up before Cape May.  I'm sure my friend Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) is laughing her butt off and will hear from her as soon as she reads this.

So I've pulled some wool for the Cape May project with Bev Conway but am sure I don't have the right values or color for the many circles and values in the rug.
This is the rug pattern I fell in love with while perusing my old Cape May photos.  This beauty was hooked by Polly Reinhart and think it was more her color selection than the design which I loved.  So will need to buy more subdued colors for sure.
And.... since I don't want to go thru withdrawal again have drawn a pattern and some wool 'ready to go' when a new pattern is needed on my frame.  
Later today I just might draw a small something else  too, just to have a back-up. 😁

Happy hooking.


  1. I Love your suitcase filled with Yummy colors !!!! So pretty !!! Something to small to work on will be fun & easy for you to do !
    It will be like counting down the days til Cmas Saundra !!! You need Rug Camp Advent calendar !!!

  2. I go the 13th to star Island and haven't even thought about what I want to bring. I love your choice now what am I going to do?

  3. Well all I can say is that I am green with envy that you are going to a rug camp. Owning two stores, we NEVER get to take a vacation. Guess if we ever decide to sell them, we might then be able to. We did take 2 days off on our 10th anniversary and stayed at a well known haunted hotel. That was an experience in itself. I look forward to seeing your adaptation of this latest rug. The colors are mighty fine! Janice

  4. Well, it seems you aren't GT's and my mother after all Mummy Dearest.... NO WAY would we be planning 21 DAYS ahead...and probably not even 21 HOURS ahead. Way too much time for vacillation in my book. ;-) I do love that rug...the colors make it, yes...and I think you have a fabulous start on your color plan. ~Robin~

  5. I really like the colors in that rug and the design isn't bad either. It looks like a fun rug to do. You still got plenty of time to get ready and anticipate the fun. It looks like you have enough wool by me. It might be a good opportunity to use up some leftover worms in those colors.



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