Friday, August 13, 2021


I'm excited to show you an update on Magdalena's Rooster, Duck Horse rug.  Boy you should see the rats nest I've made around me as I hook.  Actually have shown you that before when working on a rug but think it might be a naturally occurring event for us rug hookers?  Please tell me it's normal. 😐  

Will work on the hit and miss background down to the horse then finish the horse.  In case you're wondering, I haven't decided what to hook next as I'm busy with the occasional binding of Ox Farm and hooking this rug.  And would really like for this one to be hooked and bound before Cape May in September.
Now for the rug hookers Public Service Announcement:  USPS postal rates are going to increase AGAIN August 29th.  

So incase you've been contemplating buying wool, patterns, foundation etc. I'd suggest you get that done soon.  At least you will save a little this month but plan to spend more beginning September.  Oh, and have you heard USPS plans to slow down mail delivery too.  Yup heard that on the news.  Their slow mail delivery was originally blamed on Covid but maybe it was another problem which is continuing.

To take advantage of the present postal costs I've ordered a bolt of linen from Dorr today and wanted to place an order for wool from Rebecca but she is on her way to Sauder to vend.  She will be back in time for me to place an order before priority goes up again.  You're welcome rug hookers.



  1. Your mat looks great!love ,love,,,,
    A mess for Hookers to definitely normal,,,,,for me !!!my room is a mess and can't get sorted till it cools down,,,Too hot up There!

  2. your rug is divine! and thank's for the PSA I guess I missed that, I did hear they want to raise rates on the Christmas packages as a special. The stink as it is I do UPS as much as I can. I am an hour from Dorr and I have a gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket.

  3. Your rug is looking great. Things sure are getting tougher all the way around, and it's going to get worst. Thankfully I have lots of supplies of hooking necessities if I ever go back to hooking but everything is going up in price.

    Good for you for the heads up on the postal rate increase.

  4. I can end up with a royal mess nest while working on sewing/quilting or needlework projects, so it's not just a rug hooker thing. Whether I clean up part way through depends on if I can find the seam ripper or rulers under the mess.

    I knew about the postage increases and slowdowns. I know the USPS has some things to fix, but given they are the only government business required to fund their pension 70 years into the future, DeJoy & his wife owning $78 million of USPS competitors' stocks, when sorting equipment was ripped out right before elections... Nope, I'm not buying the covid excuse. Not at all.

  5. Love how your rug is coming along ! Oh yes, when hooking there is a mess of everything surrounding me , but I have to clean up a lot when little ones visit & then I loose track !
    Everything is going up .... its just awful the US Mail will continue to have delays & thru the Cmas season . Was hoping things would be better this year ....

  6. I need to make a correction - DeJoy & Wos own between $30-$75 million in USPS competitors and contractors. either way, any changes to remove or slow down USPS services would benefit the companies he owns stock in.

  7. Oh gosh, I make the biggest messes when I am hooking. I love that rug. Thanks for that update. I need to look into that.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Well??? I won't go as far as saying you're "normal" LMBO.... Seriously, though...Given that I'm only an occasional and sporadic hooker, I've developed some "tidy" hooking habits (or it could be that I have an obsessive compulsive gene??) I decide on colors, cut my wool, put them in ziploc bags, label them (since I have a tendency to put projects aside believe it or not) and those bags go in a basket at my feet. (Uncut wool also is in the bottom of the basket. Postal rates going up and service slowing down even more surprises me not.... What isn't going up? And what service isn't declining??? Grrrrr.... ~Robin~

  9. I think it's physically impossible to have a neat and clean area while hooking!!!
    Another rate increase? Holy hell.

  10. Everything is going up....and I blame the current administration. UGH Thanks for the heads up. Loving your newest rug too! Janice


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