Friday, September 10, 2021

Choosing Rugs for the Cape May Show

I'm having a problem deciding which rugs to take for the Cape May Rug show.  I hooked a total of 11 rugs and mats during 2019 so those which were hooked previous to the class with Kris September 2019 were in the rug show that year.

Therefore, from September 2019 I hooked 28 rugs/mats not including the two I'm presently working on.  I know there will be a limit on how many each person can have in the show so will need to cull the number down.

This evening I'll show you rugs hooked in 2019 beginning with the one hooked September with Kris Miller.  That delightful rug is a design by Lori Brechlin named Oh Glorious Day.  You can read all about that fun class HERE.  Meanwhile, below is the said rug.
Next one hooked was a design by Folk Art Landing which was modified to suit me.  Name of the design is Friendship Bells.
While deciding what to do next pick a small design from the stash by Tonya Robey called Winter Bloom.  It would go fast and give me something to do while thinking about the next one.
Dead winter I decided to finally hook an antique which had been haunting me for years.  A whale design which I named "Mighty Whale".  You can see my patterns by clicking on the link at the end below my name.  I offer the pattern in two sizes ~ 19.5 x 32 and 24 x 39.
In my next post I'll show rugs hooked during 2020 during more of the 'shut down'.  And as you might expect that was when I was more prolific using up some of my linen and wool.

Today was a delightful day and tomorrow will be a bit windy but still comfortable.  Heard on the local (eastern shore) weather that next week will have abnormal high temperatures for this time of year.  Which means Cape May will be hot and probably humid.  Hopefully the following week (my week) it will be more mild and low humidity.  And please GOD, no hurricane!!!!

Happy hooking and wishing everyone in Cape May a fantastic time.



  1. I like that first one best of all. It's got a folksy look and I'm partial to rooster anyway. Then the whale and then the flowery one.

    Wow, you've been hooking up a storm, so need of a hurricane. I hope the weather is pleasant for the Cape May hooking retreat. I'm sure you'll pick the ones that makes your heart sing.

    It rained all night and this morning, and finally the sun came out this afternoon. We've been getting so much rain.

    Take care,
    Hugs, Julia

  2. I have been digging in my wool trying to decide myself what to hook. I know I need to finish my rug, but am being drawn to hooking something else. Have fun at Cape May! Janice

  3. At the rate you’ve been going lately, it’s hard to believe you only finished 4 rugs in 2019!!

  4. Love all your rugs !!! I know it has to be really challenging try to choose a rug design to your rug camp . but I'm sure it will be Special !!! Hope you have Sparkling weather too & NO Hurricane !!!!

  5. I'm ignoring your prolific-ness and focusing on the task of helping you decide which rugs to take. ;-) My hands-down favorite in this group is Mighty Whale. No surprises there, eh?


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