Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Hey kids, Guess What Time it Is

Well, its not Howdy Doody time 😄.  Some of you younger rug hookers won't know who I'm talking about.  But it was a show I watched as a kid with Buffalo Bob, Clarabelle, Princess Summer Fall Winter Spring and of course Howdy Doody.  The show ran from 1947 until 1960.  If you would like to learn  more about the iconic TV show you can read about it HERE.
Of course you know it is antique rug show time.  This CAT rug was hooked in the 19th century and dimensions are 26 x 36.
Folk Art Flowers below measures 18 x 35 and no date given but sure does look old and primitive.
A close-up of the wool patch.  
Crowing Rooster circa 1900, is a great and subtle use of hit and miss.  It measures 35.5 x 41.5.
Remember me mentioning Anne, 
the woman who shared photos of the Barbara E. Merry rugs and paintings she owns?  Anne also shared this vintage and heavy rug she owns, the Man in the Mountain.  It was a real mountain with that name located in Notch, NH and  was a tourist attraction until it crumbled in 2003.  You can read about that HERE.
She also owns this Beaver rug which she purchased in Quebec several years ago.
A Haltered Horse rug with hit and miss border.  Must admit the placement of the letters thru me off a tad because the directions roll off the tongue in sequence of N S E W.  But here you read it as W E N S.  The rug measures 37 x 43.

We are getting the spoils of Ida here with heavy winds and rain with tornado warnings until 10 p.m.  I hate when that happens.  Just in case I lose electricity with down power lines I'm charging the portable AC/DC Ott lamp so I can hook until the power to it dies.

Happy Hooking



  1. I remember Howdy Doody Time. Does that mean, I'm old? lol. I guess it does.

    That rooster rug reminds me of a Van Gogh painting. Those repeat lines were a style that many old rug hookers used back in the days. I think their main aim was to use the wool or fabric they had to keep the floors warm in winter. They served a purpose. Houses didn't had triple glazed windows to insulate agains the cold.

    Hugs, Julia

  2. I'm trying to figure out what is above the cat's head??? Maybe a pillow? Maybe I'm cross-eyed who knows.

  3. I live a half hour from the where the old man of the mountain was and still feel pains of sadness every time it is mentioned since it fell. It is on all of our state symbols and our coin.
    When it fell my daughter was in college in RI she called me all upset and said "The the old man fell mom!" I had not heard and had no idea what she was talking about. Every mother's day we had hiked in his area.
    great rugs as always

  4. Finally something to which I can say "that was before my time"! (And I AM talking about Howdy...NOT the ages of the don't even go there.) Hmmm.... None of these are really blowing up my skirt....I like the cat in the cat rug, but don't care for the maple leaves (not sure why, but I just have never liked artistic expressions of maple leaves of any kind...Canada would likely kick me out...) I guess I see potential in the horse rug...but that's that horsey thing that I have going on LOL. Hope the storms have moved on by now. ~Robin~

  5. It looks vaguely like a chicken above the cat to me. That may change after the coffee kicks in. Love the backwards N on the horse rug. It's interesting that "up" on all the letters is different.

  6. I remember Howdy Doody, but Romper Room & Captain Kangaroo were my favs !!! LOL
    Your rug shows are always fun to see !
    We had a wild night with Ida ....we got at least 5" of pouring rain , luckily not much wind , But the best part , it is Beautiful Cool , Sunny ,Breezy 70 degrees here today in Western ,Mass !!! Windows are open & it feels Wonderful !!!

  7. Hopefully Ida is gone and not left you with any damage.
    Sadly, I might say, I do remember Howdy Doody.

  8. Here is hoping Ida does not do much damage in your area. I also remember Howdy Doody. The direction rug is a bit odd, but nice anyway. Janice


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