Saturday, December 4, 2021

Binding in Progress

I've made it no secret that I HATE binding rugs.  Blogger friend Robin (Cranky Crow) once said "no wonder you hate binding because you do double the work".  That is because previously I'd roll the foundation forward and secure the roll with heavy cotton thread first then do the final whipping with yarn.  Here is an example.
Well I decided to show her that you can teach old dogs new tricks 😊. (why doesn't the emoji show up in yellow color?)  So this time I'm whipping the edge and moving those clips as I go.  Perhaps I'm not doing double the work but find moving the clips slows down the whipping process and loosens up the edge a tad.
Here is a closer look at the Kindred Spirits wool yarn I'm using and how well it goes with the rug.  As previously mentioned the name of this one is Brown Variegated and it doesn't appear on Ali's web site, only the plain colors do.  So you would need to ask for it and she will even do one-of-a-kind dye works for you.  
Happy Saturday to you all and happy hooking (stitching, quilting, etc.).



  1. That yarn is just perfect. Ali has THE BEST yarn to whip a rug. You are making great progress. Do one side a day and you will be done Monday ;-)
    I, too, prefer to baste the edge down before whipping.
    I really need to get back to my horse rug.
    Happy International Rug Hooking Day!

  2. I like the way you roll the foundation & whip it , think that keeps it nice & tight ....I baste my edges too ....

  3. Well??? What can I say?? I have never known anyone to baste the edges before whipping...and now they're coming outta the woodwork. I feel completely outnumbered. Ah well, no matter...I'm used to being "out there on my own" LOL. I'm just different I guess and, at this point, I'm not inclined to change. I've never noticed any loosening but, then again, I have nothing to compare it to. But, I will say that I don't clip/pin mine all around like you do (again, that's twice the work LOL)...I just pin/clip maybe 5-6" or so?? Yeah, always the wayward one...but, gee, it isn't like me to be efficient. Any which way you whip it, it is looking GREAT!! You couldn't have chosen a better yarn...really. ~Robin~ (PS...speaking of "old dogs," seems like I know one who is going to be even older a few hours.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!)

  4. My two hooking friends do the extra work ,,like you,,,,me ,,not so much,,,Maybe I will, try it one day,,,Have the clips,,,,
    Love them,,,,
    Happy Birthday!..?


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