Thursday, December 30, 2021

Vintage Rugs

Always a fun post for me to do is showing you antique rugs.  This Southwestern design is interesting and demonstrates the naïve primitive style.  Notice the hunter is much larger than the person inside the teepee and also the person near the camp fire.  It is hooked on burlap and measures 19 x 38.5. 
Here is a view of one corner of the Southwestern designed rug.
Sweet Rabbits pictorial rug from John Hay House, Brewster, MA.
Cats and flowers round top rug measures 26 x 32.  Check out the very top and bottom ...I'm wondering if the blue means it was repaired or did she run out of the taupe color?   This photo was captured from an auction site during 2020 according to the data on my flash drive.
Funny, while perusing my flash drive I found another picture of the same rug and it shows up differently so thought I'd post it as well.  Guess I'm not the other person who gets different colors with my camera.  This photo was saved January 2021 so maybe it was being sold the second time and photo taken with a different camera?
The patriotic 1876 Centennial rug measuring 28 x 38 would be a nice rug to hook and display during patriotic holidays.
A small geometric mat dated 
1900 is a small 6.5 x 11.  Those loops look rather large so wonder how she pulled those big loops up without a Hartman, lol.
Another cat rug dated 1885-1900 is an ES Frost design from the Williamsburg Folk Art Museum.
Two Birds one Worm by Cecile Perrault.  When I first saw this rug it reminded me of the Disney movie where two dogs were sharing a plate of spaghetti and the same one piece when their noses met.   This is the front.
The back of the rug showing true unfaded colors.
Bess the horse is dated 2/12/1920 and measures 27 x 32.  I'll bet Barb Carroll would love this one since it has purple in it.  Sadly the colors have bled on the rug.
Goodness, tomorrow is New Year's eve and back in the day I'd already have my evening attire already picked out when going out to celebrate.  That activity stopped years ago and now I'm quite content to stay home.



  1. My favorite one is the horse Bess. Too bad about the color bleeding on the background but it's still a nice rug, my second favorite is the cat with the red bed. he looks quite pampered and the border is quite interesting. I think he was a much loved pet.

    I remember years ago, making my own gown for the New Year's Eve Party. It was such a special event. Everyone wore gowns. Lots to eat and drink. How time has changed. I too am content to stay home.

    Happy New Year.


  2. I really like the birds sharing a worm ! And the Sweet Bunnies....

    It has been years for us as well ....staying home is the best way to celebrate New Years Eve & being in bed by 10:00 because we can't stay up that late !!! LOL
    Now with Omicron , I feel like we should just stay home again ....

    Happy New Year !!!! Lets hope 2022 will be the year we get control of Covid !!!

  3. Always enjoy perusing these old rugs. Hope you have a wonderful New Year! Janice

  4. Love the large rabbits lol. I am so happy to stay home now days there are a few restaurants that had fancy dinners one was 120.00 per person! will stay home thank you!
    Happy New Year

  5. My favorite today is the giant rabbits headed toward the cabin. I can think of all sorts of stories about it - is it their cozy cabin far in the distance? are they scouting the layout for spring garden raids? is bunny revenge being plotted?

    It's been decades since out last NY Eve outing.

  6. The rabbit and House! Love it,,,but like so many others ,,
    Happy new Year! And thank you,Sandra!

  7. I still don't know what I am wearing to the living room this new year's eve. I may not even go. ~et~ (Love the second kitty...and giant bunnies....)

  8. Newburyarts replied:
    The geometric rug was hooked with the fabric folded in half.thr The loops rather "pop" in the same manner as the smaller cuts do on realistic cuts. The Hartman hook was created from an antique hook in the collection of Marion Ham. Antique hooks came in all sizes and widths...the Hartman is hardly anything brass hooks have been around throughout the hooking realm as well.
    Thanks for the rug show.


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