Saturday, December 18, 2021


I know this is going to be a shock to your system, but I finally finished binding the horse rug.  Guess it's about time since the last loop on it was pulled November 30th.  Plus I misjudged the amount of yarn I'd need to bind it and had that roll of yarn left over.  But I'm still glad I ordered two more skeins as I will use it to bind Magdalena's Bird Dog too.
Why can I not get rugs centered in a photo????  I took 5 shots and this was the most straight of all of them.  But in my defense there is a delay between pushing the button and the shutter and don't know how to fix that ~ maybe it is a default setting.

Here ya go Sheila, now to that vintage rug which made my heart skip a beat.  It isn't what you'd think I'd fall in love with as it isn't a dirty, naïve  primitive.  I've named it Red Bud and Scrolls.  I'd like to hook it but it might take me a while as the all white/light background could become boring.  So it could be one which is worked on all thru the winter when I need something else.
Was said to be hooked around 1910 with dimensions of  36 x 39.  This is another one that if it was at Sauder or a textile museum I'd stand in front of it and study the hell out of it.  See how the lights change into yellows, grey, bright or dull white and even a dirty green gold.  And in the center is a beautiful red bud blooming out of the abyss.  Awesome.

Yesterday the temperature reached 66 and the day before that was even warmer. Today's high will be about 59 and then the cold comes back.  And do you believe it is just one week from Christmas?  OMG this year has come and gone so fast.

Today is Lauren's Christmas celebration with several friends/neighbors so she will have a week to recover before the next round of being hostess.  Here's to you Lauren 🍷.



  1. I do not know where you find these rugs!! Out here I feel like I never see anything rug hooking and I know that older ladies have told me there used to be a very big hooking community, but I never see anything like you find in Antique stores. I love that white one too. When you were saying about hooking it, I think it would be so relaxing to hook in different whites. I love that red center too.
    Very wintery.I really like your horse rug. It turned out amazing.
    We have rain in our forecast almost all week and our snow levels will be so low. I am so glad we will have a Christmas like that. Its very rare.
    Have a wonderful day.

  2. Your horse turned out great Saundra! And several lashes for taking over 2 weeks to get it bound. Geesh! I'm mulling over that white rug. Yes, when you look at the "melting" whites, I see the interest, but I think I might tire of it??? I agree with Kim, though - I think it would suit winter/Christmas decor stunningly. We are back to weather as normal in Nod. Cold...woke up to snow. Rinse, repeat. ~Robin~

  3. another great rug. I do find it interesting you like that rug It is very sweet and simple, but I see it as a bit too simple for your amazing skills. We got 8 inches of snow overnight, so I am out to help husband clean up. Yes, this year went fast.

  4. Cheers Saundra , you got your horse rug bound quickly !!! Iy is just beautiful !!! Red Bud & Scrolls looks just beautiful & I agree , a good Winter project !
    We just celebrated Cmas today was wonderful for my kids & familes to be together this year . We had such a good time . All the kids had so much fun .
    We are all exhausted though & look forward to a good night sleep ! All the little ones haven't been sleeping well , waiting to celebrate is just too exciting !
    Have a Very Merry Christmas with your family !!!

  5. Love UR finished mat!!and the one you love looks interesting ,too,,,,You will make it ,,,and it will be amazing,,,,
    Hard to believe it's almost end of year!!,

  6. I'd say you got your horse rug bound rather quickly!!! I haven't worked on mine in weeks and I am so close to being done with the hooking.
    Yes, party is over. I can breathe and I even hope to pull a few loops tomorrow.
    Christmas day will be a breeze...hopefully. There will only be 6 of us. Son's girlfriend is giving me a hunk of prime rib to cook...yum...sure hope I can get it perfectly medium rare.

  7. I can see you staring at this rug for a long time. I was staring at it myself here. What a gorgeous simple rug. If I had the time, would like to hook this one. Janice


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