Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Magdalena's Works

Geez, have I been in a coma?  I'm even further behind and should have made a blog post yesterday to keep up with the every-other-day plan.  Oh well I'm here now and will show you the latest on Magdalena's Bird Dog.  
Good that it will be done in 2021, or at least the hooking will be; who knows when the final whipped edge will be done.  In case you've forgotten below is a photo of the original Bird Dog rug but remember it is a poor photo which I copied from the booklet.
Something else you might be interested to know is that one of Magdalena's ORIGINAL rugs was recently resold on November 19, 2021.  The Dog and Crows rug brought in a huge sum of $20,315.  YUP!   And here is that valuable rug.  The original measured 36 x 48.5.
I hooked it also but mine has no value, lol.  Heck it is hard to get $85 per sq. ft. for primitive rugs ~ or at least for me in slower lower Delaware.  I took some creative license with the dog's ear as Magdalena made the dog look like he had a dent in the head.  To her credit I'm sure she was trying to illustrate it was an ear.
Soon I'll be able to draw out something new to hook.  It still isn't AFTER the new year so I just might need to draw something to keep me occupied until my pals and welcomed guests are ready to work on a Granny Donaldson design of choice.  

If you're new to my blog you can read about Granny HERE.



  1. Bird Dog is looking good. You are a hooking machine!!!
    I look forward to your next rug ;-)

  2. Oh, and blog every other day? I am lucky to get 2 done in a week.

  3. I'll top both you AND Sissie...I'm lucky to get 2 posts done a month. Let's not even talk about the volume of rugs we respectively put out. Methinks you may have lost track of time/days because you were furiously hooking... You are soooo close! And that is a lot of hooking since your prior showing of it. You go girl. ~Robin~

  4. Liking the dog and birds. If rugs are bringing that much $, I have a couple I will sell. Of course they aren't hooked, they might need to be vacuumed and they are probably made of some cheap synthetic - but I'm sure nobody will notice 😂

  5. I'm lagging behind and not enough time to comment on every one of your posts at the moment but I promise to go back and read during the lull time. You must chain yourself to that rug frame to get so much hooking done. It's looking great.

    I haven't done a whole lot on my rug and need to dye more wool, maybe after Christmas. My upper back gets sore. I've been crocheting a bit and even that I can only do for a little while.


  6. You get lots done!!!wow,,,the🤗 price!!!!
    Take care ,,,
    Merry Christmas!,!,

  7. Well I must say, you are very good at interpreting those Magdalena rugs! I am in shock over the price of that one rug. I have 3 antique rugs but I dont think they are worth that much. I only paid a total of $65 for all. Am sure they are worth more than that now. Janice


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