Monday, December 27, 2021

Winter Buddies

I resisted the desire to draw out my Granny design because most of you gave a thumbs up for the deer pattern.  So Winter Buddies, a design by Cindy Lundgren is on my frame now.  These next two photos are hooked by other people and thought them worthy of posting before showing you my start.  Both are a great inspiration for color and I've enjoyed looking at them.

As you might expect I've my own interpretation and am still working by the seat of my pants.  I've already rehooked that poor bird 3 times and afraid to go for 4 times for fear of weakening the linen.  So here's mine so far.
Really wanted to have more hooked but I also was working on binding Bird Dog.  If only I had a helper like Santa has, lol.  Of course I'd give the binding part to the helper.  
If you would like to hook your own Winter Buddies pattern you can find the pattern HERE.

Do you have your ingredients for your New Years Lucky dinner?  I've already purchased my bag of black eye peas as that is what I'll have for dinner New Years Day as that is the tradition I grew up with on the east coast.  I know many do the sauerkraut and pork and or greens for dinner.  Frankly I LOVE sauerkraut but don't eat pork or beef any longer.  And this year I just might splurge on not to eat list and have some corn bread with my black eyed peas this year.  It's been a long time coming so should celebrate this milestone year with corn bread. 

Happy hooking.



  1. Sauerkraut and Polish Kielbasa. We are having crab legs and lobster tails for New Years Eve. We always splurge once a year for this. Looks like a nice rug to work on as a group. Janice

  2. Yup...a hooking machine. To me, that is a lot of hooking. Love your bird - and your realistic color choices for the deer. You can have my corn bread...and black-eyed peas for that matter. ~Robin~

  3. So Winter Buddies it is. You've done a lot already. Can you believe that I started to comment last night and when I got up this morning, I found my comment still unfinished and my browser opened to your blog. How about that for being distracted.

    I got a phone call from my sister that leo my brother was being discharged from the hospital and transported to his hometown hospital as he had stabilized.

    For our new year dinner, we will be having Fried polenta with a yummy mushroom and tomato sauce. It a meal that my daughter Nicole had started and now it has become a new tradition. Polenta is made of cornmeal.


  4. I don't eat much meat,,,,So may have fish,,,,or just lots of veggies,,,,
    Take care mm
    Love the start of UR Mat,,,,

  5. I hope you have a wonderful New Year. I really like that pattern. Its really nice.
    I hope you have a wonderful day.

  6. We usually have a special cut of beef & shrimp or lobster , but we had lobster for Cmas dinner .... not sure what my Hubby will cook , he is the chef in my house .
    Love your colors for Winter Buddies....your little bird looks like a Nuthatch , we have lots of those around right now , they are so cute ! Happy Hooking !!!

  7. Looking Good! I got my linen out and ready this morning before work. I think sometimes there's a reason we put things off if they don't "feel" right. I'm adding another color to the pile 😂 I want to see it during daylight to make sure it's not purple or something before I cut it all up into worms.

  8. I just love Winter Buddies!
    You and I would not get along well at the dinner table. You eat too healthy...and there is no way I would eat black eyed peas and I don't care for cornbread. Give me my steak and potatoes!

  9. I love your winter buddies so sweet, and I love that you put a chickadee in for the bird. I had never heard of blacked eyed peas until just a few years ago. I grew up in the northeast with a very English Grandmother. A person brought them to a New Year's Eve gathering. They were very good but haven't had them since.
    I hope they work for you and bring you great luck in the New Year


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