Thursday, December 2, 2021

My New One on the Frame

In a previous post I told you what my next project would be but understand that you may have doubted me since I'm so fickle.  Nope, it didn't change.  On my frame is a Magdalena adaptation named Bird Dog,  drew it myself measuring 20 x 27 whereas Magdalena's original measured 37.5 x 50.  Am guessing that would have been the dimensions of a burlap grain or feed sack opened up and she would utilize that size ~ waste not want not.
It took several sketches and reviewing the poor photo in the Magdalena booklet before deciding on my drawing.  If you have the booklet by Evelyn Lawrence please look there first.
If you don't own the booklet here is an even worse photo which is a copy of the photo in the booklet.  A well known rug hooking business offers the pattern with an elongated snout.  Perhaps thinking the white spot to the lower right of the dog's face was its nose.  I didn't think so.  To me it was a white spot at the tip of the ear and was confusing.  BUT, if you look closer to the left of that spot you will see a darker speck which I believe to be the nose Magdalena captured.
However since there is no good photo of the original Magdalena I chose to make my own speculation of what Magdalena intended and did not hook the white spot on the end of the ear.  While that would be feasible since there are white tips on the toes and the end of the tail it is visually confusing.

It feels good to work on another Magdalena rug and somehow comforting.  Not sure if I'm channeling her or she's leading me at this point.  

Once my piece is hooked and have a photo I'll offer it on my web site.  But I have a master copy of my size if anyone is interested.  It would be drawn on Dorr Natural Linen with serged edges.  If you desire a larger size I can do that too.



  1. Oooo....I like! IMO, your dog is much better.... As for that white tip...yeah, I am inclined to agree with you since the eyes appear to be looking mostly straight on and the nose down there would make no sense. But, it's been a long day (with a longer night ahead) and all I am seeing right now in your photo of the photo of the original is one of those weird pictures where you look at it one way and it's one thing, but if you looks at it another way, it is something else. I'm seeing the dog face and then an old man's face in profile with the white tip being a white beard. Like I said, it's been a long day LOL. ~Robin~

  2. Oh, oh, oh!!! Your Bird Dog is so much better than the original. You are putting the rest of us to shame. I haven't pulled a loop in days...sigh. Darn Christmas decorations. I will never learn.

  3. I have been decorating til I drop these past few days since I am hosting Christmas this year. Bird Dog is looking good! You sure do put all of us to shame with your rugs. Have fun hooking! Janice

  4. I prefer how you have tweaked the design too will be beautiful !!!


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