Saturday, December 11, 2021

Winter Hooking Ideas

Most Christmas themed rugs have probably already been started but if not or for next year I'll show you some I've hooked.  Below is the first Christmas rug I hooked and is an antique adaptation of Santa and Deer hooked 2014.
Last year just before Christmas I  hooked the Woolley Santa, a Karen Kahle Design.  I decided to eliminate the sack Santa was holding and show him in his coat.  If you'd like to purchase Karen's pdf pattern click on the previous hyperlink.
If you are looking for something quick for yourself or to give as a gift to someone you could hook this mitten.  This is one I have hanging on my front door and still want to put pine tree greens in it.
You can find that pattern in the following Kindred Spirits booklet.
This time last year during the pandemic shut down I was looking forward to the new year.  This was my celebration rug which was so much fun.  Named New Year's Eve you can find it HERE.  You may need to ask for the pdf pattern if there aren't any available.
I've snowmen patterns I'll show when we have our first snowflakes dancing in the sky.  Some was predicted a few days ago but nothing happened, not even rain.  So sad for the lives lost and damage caused by the horrific tornados.  The turbulent weather in the mid-west is sending the 70 degree temps for today but hope tornado activity does not occur as tomorrow the cold weather will be back.  

Sorry for showing the same ol same ol rugs I've hooked.  But in my defense I figured everyone is busy baking cookies and putting up Christmas decorations so wouldn't be reading blogs anyway.  But just in case someone was looking, at least I'd have something to read albeit old news, lol.  Then that gives me more time to accomplish more on my rug.

Back to working on Bird Dog and later this afternoon will make chicken turkey rice soup using the meat left over from my son's Thanksgiving dinner.



  1. Loved seeing these rugs again !!!
    It has been a very dreary day here & we did have a downpour with thunder & lightening , tonight should get windy ....we got a few inches of snow yesterday , but that's all gone now ....
    Weather has been just so weird ....
    A good day to stay inside & hook !!! and enjoy homemade soup !!!

  2. It never gets old I love seeing them. I am going to show some of my rugs too that I have shown before. Happy hooking

  3. I will not tire of looking at your rugs....and even if we have seen them before, some of us might need our recollections refreshed (not saying I am one of those....but not saying I'm not either LOL). My Santa rug is in a holding pattern....I do try to do a little on it each night, but each night it gets less and less... And no, I'm not decorating or baking cookies. I was in shock when I heard the news this morning about the tornadoes... Wow...We had 10" of snow and just hours south there were tornadoes. Bizarre. Loss of life is sad no matter when or how, but to lose loved ones unexpectedly around a holiday is even worse....and that holiday is never the same again. ~Robin~

  4. Love seeing them,,,
    We had crazy winds last night ,,,,and lost power,,,,
    Then snowed,,,Now sunny day,,,
    Feel so so sad for all the tornado damaged areas,,,,and those poor families,,,♡♡♡

  5. Nice nice rugs! I’ve also hooked the first two and have done my own mitten hanging. Happy week

  6. Love all your Christmas rugs. The first of these days I will stop thinking about it and hook it!!!

  7. I was just thinking it is almost mid December with no snow on the ground, however all of my Wisconsin bloggers sure do have the white stuff. Always love looking t your rugs. So wish I had the time to even hook holiday one. Right now am stitching Valentine goodies for the store. However I did manage to hook some mittens that I sold at the store already. They were in shades of white, gray and olive green. Janice


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