Wednesday, December 8, 2021


As you all know I've been a little distracted the last couple days but must admit it has been the best birthday celebration I can remember since being a kid. Wish each of you could have shared in the 'behind the scenes' commentary between me and Lauren thru her denials of orchestrating the event.  

Actually with the powerful reach of Lauren I'm not sure the celebration is really over yet because mail hadn't been delivered when I arrived at 4:30.  If that is the last of the cards just know all of you blog and rug hooker friends have made this milestone birthday a success.  Okay, back to reality.....

Only a tad more has been hooked on Magdalena's Bird Dog but I'm having fun.
Also this week had an order to draw an antique adaptation I named Star and Flowers and the person wanted a 22 x 29.5 size, just in case anyone else is interested.
The predicted snow flurries never happened today even after the roads were brined.  But winter really hasn't arrived yet so am sure there will be our share of the white stuff all too soon ~ and I might add too soon for me.

Have a wonderful evening and happy hooking.



  1. Sooo as in Alice in Wonderland~ Happy Unbirthday :-) I'm so glad it's been a good one and that you are enjoying the days. And it's times like this when it's good you aren't close enough to pinch me because I'm over here wishing for snow.

  2. We had snow overnight and was shocked to see it on the ground this morning as we were not expecting it. Love your adaptation of this antique rug BTW. Janice

  3. We have had snow flurries all day but only an inch or two on the ground. I am still working on my rug it is taking forever but I am using a small cut.
    So glad your birthday was a good one

  4. This is going to be a fun rug...and seems like you got quite a lot done given all your birthday hoopla going on LOL. We finally burrowed out from the snow the weekend's snows...and the additional coating from last night...and more is on the way for tonight/tomorrow. We're in it for the long haul as they say. ~Robin~

  5. What an cool rug! I love you are having fun with that rug. I am so sorry I missed the celebration. It sounds awesome.
    We were supposed to have a huge rain storm. Not a thing yet but shade.
    I love the rug you are drawing out. Remember that saying, "So many books so little time." Well I think I could say that about rug patterns. I wish I could hook everything I see. :) Have a lovely day snow or not.

  6. Innocent until proven guilty and the jury is still out ;-)

  7. What a fun time u have Had!,,,
    Love UR progress on UR Mat,,,
    More Snow here,,but turning to rain tomorrow,,,Yikes! Not Nice,,,


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