Thursday, December 23, 2021

Confronted with a Decision

That happens a lot when the rug on my frame is almost all hooked.  Remember the beautiful antique I named Red Bud?  When push came to shove I nixed the idea of hooking it...for the time being.  All that white hooking began to feel boring and I hadn't even started  it.

Then thought of finally drawing a geometric to use some of these selvage edges of wool ~ a thought which comes to mind each time I'm in limbo.
Then I looked thru my pattern stash on linen, as opposed to the many paper patterns I've accumulated, and found a couple which interested  me.  One is a smaller version of Mary Comstock's Bed Rug.
Another on linen is Winter Buddies which I purchased last year from Cushing.
Once Bird Dog is fully hooked I'll draw out my Granny Donaldson choice and fight the urge to start it.  This is the design I've decided on except I will replace the camel with a horse.  Am sure some of you are thinking it is an Alpaca or Lama, but even tho they are related to the camel neither of them have a hump.
Hopefully I'll choose something to hook and start it before giving in to that urge.



  1. I like that deer!!!!! Not sure how many exclamation points are needed to emphasize that I really like it 😁

  2. The deer is my choice also. It's beautiful.
    I've been hooking again this afternoon. Now I have to get the mail for some fresh air. The storm just missed us, and it's sunny outside.

  3. Oh more decisions !!! It's hard to choose , there are just too many great patterns out there !!! I like your pattern for Granny Donaldson ....adding the basket of flowers made it for me !!!

  4. I’ve long wanted to do a full sized Comstock. Any project you choose would be grand. Happy Christmas!

  5. Decisions Decisions Decisions. I am sure you will decide on the right rug for you to hook soon. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Janice

  6. Happy Christmas!!!!!
    Love the deer!!!
    Stay well,,,,,

  7. Mary Comstock is such a wonderful pattern, but that deer would be perfect this time of year.
    Merry Christmas.

  8. I have long loved the Comstock bedrug design...and still do all these later. But, dang...that deer is AWESOME! And, exactly why, haven't you hooked that yet??!!! I vote for that...perfect winter project. I am putting that on my wanna hook list! ~Robin~


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