Monday, December 13, 2021

Magdalena's Bird Dog Review

It has been a while since the rug has been pulled off the frame and reviewed with a critical eye.  Yet when I stop working on it I release the paddles/flaps on my Snapdragon to lessen the tension on the linen.  Of course what I see in person and what comes across in photo format is totally different.  
That be what it may, I do think some wool in the top right curved area needs attention.  Am not sure if wool will be replaced or maybe I'll try spritzing it with black walnut dye.  Won't do anything right now and will just keep hooking to see how it all works out.  It ain't over until this fat lady sings 😮

So far I'm very pleased with how it is progressing and already have a spot on my wall after it makes its trip to Cape May in September for the show.  

I don't have this pattern listed on my web site yet as it isn't fully hooked.  But if anyone wants a pattern drawn on linen with serged edges let me know what size you want and I'll give you a price.  Mine measures 20 x 27 and is a descent size for me to hook but I'll draw smaller or larger.



  1. I find that sometimes taking a photo of a piece you're working on (especially a hooked piece) really helps give a perspective you can't see in person...even when we know photos are often not true to color.... but the lens of a camera catches nuances the lens of our eyes often miss. In fact, I took my Santa off this morning for that very purpose. I think yours is looking really good.... I always snicker when I look at that bird in the upper left me it looks like the bird is either sneaking up on the dog or hiding behind him in plain sight. ;-) ~Robin~

  2. I agree with Robin I do think you see things in a picture you do not see when working on it. But a wonderful job as always.

  3. It looks very nice! I love seeing your hooking. I hope you have a wonderful day. We have a nice rainstorm today.

  4. Love the colors you are using will be wonderful , you have the knack !!!! LOL


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