Monday, August 1, 2022


...Louisa Creed of York, United Kingdom.  Sadly I'd never heard of her before stumbling upon one of her rugs on Pinterest.  So as I investigated further decided to make a file on her rugs.  She is such a prolific modern day rug hooker that I'd need volumes to hold all her rug photos, I've only saved a few.   

Believe it or not Louisa uses thrift shop finds and favors stretchy knits.  Hard to believe she is able to achieve such detail and color variations with clothing.  You can read  more about her HERE.    

The first few photos will especially please Robin and Kelley.   The first rug is titled Rosie in the Airing Cupboard and was Louisa's first design after teaching  herself to hook.  Rosie in the Airing Cupboard measures 34 x 44.
Rosie and her cousins, uncles, etc. have been exhibited in countless venues.  This one is Rosie's Aunts and measures 34  x  34.
In Search of Shrimp measuring 34 x 39.
This is  Ambrose, another relative of Rosie measuring  35 x 40.
Horace measures 36 x 48.
From cats to Grazing Sheep,  36 x 48.
Trees in Winter hooked 2002 measuring 32 x 34.
Lavender Fields of Provence, 28 x 38 hooked 2008.
Stonehenge, 36 x 40.
And last for this showing is Two Greek Widows, 31 x 36 hooked 2007.
You can see her extraordinary talent, detail and designing ability.  Not sure when, but I plan to hook something one day using stretch fabrics.  You can be sure my work won't have the detail and perspective of distance she has achieved in her work.  I've so many more of her rugs saved but will show you at another time.

Happy hooking and cannot believe it is already August 1st.



  1. Wow much detail & those Cat faces are incredible ! Stretchy fabric ...UGH !!!! Give me Wool !!!LOL !!!!

  2. Happy August 1st! What lovely rugs! I have never seen her rugs before and I loved her rug show. Thanks for finding her. I hope you have a lovely Monday.

  3. I thought you were going to introduce what's new on your frame.
    I have not heard of Louisa, either, and I look forward to reading about her. Her rugs are incredible...especially with the fabrics she uses. Thanks for introducing her to us ;-)

  4. Happy August MD... Wowza...quite the talent indeed. And, yes, I am loving those kitties. Ambrose and In Search of Shrimp are my two favorites... But I also love the grazing sheep. The detail is amazing. I do hope you share more at some point. ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  5. Now I really dig those rugs. Stretchy fabric from the thrift store sounds much cheaper than wool and probably much easier to find. I love that you found this rug hooking artist and thanks for sharing.

  6. Well Well Well...these rugs are so cool! So glad you found this rug artist, because she is an artist. Janice

  7. We have a woman in our guild Jane Sitnick if I am spelling the last name correctly that is all she uses. T shirt, silks etc she buys nothing new and you should see her work!

  8. I have seen Louisa mats Somewhere! Rug hooking Mag?
    An article,,,,,
    They are amazing,,,


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