Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

Yup, that means the Mary Comstock pattern is/was back on my frame for a few more loops.  Don't get me wrong, I adore the bed rug Mary Comstock designed and hooked.  When finding this already drawn pattern posted on eBay for a descent price I went for it.  BUT, I didn't compare it to the original before clicking BUY.

When I draw an antique adaptation for myself it is usually always smaller than the original but is drawn to scale.  This pattern had bulbous leaves when they were elongated on the original.  Plus other abnormalities from the original.
This is a lesson for me to draw my own pattern if I want to do an antique adaptation.  I've hooked it this far so will eventually be finished if I live long enough.  Obviously I need to take a deep breath, look at what is drawn and just hook it.  Saundra, don't compare it to the original just hook the damn thing!

In other news.....remember this stump?  This is the one which was blown over a few years ago with 80 mph straight wind during a storm.  It blew this tree over which hit another tree which fell into a third tree.  This tree stump remained on its side for a few years and I couldn't reach the thorny vines until the tree guys pushed it over.
As of the photo above I'd already removed a huge holly tree stump and a massive thorny vine section.  Today with the last day of low humidity so went back out and yanked out more root systems to the other thorny vines.  But not all of them.  
Here is what was pulled out ~ it may not look like much but believe me the root system was deep and took all I had plus the shovel and claw rake, plus hands to pull it out.  Uh, there's more left but it will be too hot and humid tomorrow so will take a break.
Hooking is so much more fun!!!!!!!  Happy hooking.



  1. As you know, I am experiencing the same pains with Welcome Cats...and, yes, like you said, I should JUST HOOK IT. But, nah...I just avoid it. Silly/stupid question but, maybe given the tenacity and "thorniness" of those vines, why not just treat it with Round-up? I'm not a fan if I can avoid it but desperate times call for desperate measures... ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  2. I do love the design sorry you are having such an issue with it.
    That is lots of hard gardening right there. You will sleep good tonight

  3. I know you're a purist when it comes to drawing adaptation of original rug patterns but this rug looks great to me. You can always draw another one that is exactly like the original another time. You learned a good lesson and I'm sure you won't repeat the same mistake twice.

    I agree with Robin about using Round-up on stubborn vines that just won't die, After I cut it down, I use and old small brush to pain Round-up on so I don't have to spray the poison. It kills them as the Round-up goes to the roots. Good luck with getting rid of it.

  4. Ooof! what a job getting those vines out. I'm not for pulling out the chemicals at the drop of a hat, but there are some I have no hesitation to use Roundup on - bindweed and Canada thistle are top of my list right now.

    If I were as disappointed in the differences of this rug from the original, I'd be pondering making more changes and thinking of it as inspired by instead of a reproduction. No one else will know the differences unless doing a side-by-side comparison. I know - that's cold comfort to you. I think the rug looks good.

  5. Mary, Mary is looking good, good.
    You sure are determined to get that stump cleaned up!!! I, too, would resort to Roundup ;-(

  6. Think Mary Mary is looking good ....
    Think the Round Up idea is a good suggestion....just as I get weeds pulled up , they seem to grow right back the next day !!! Preen doesn't work for me ....
    Will be Hot & Humid here tomorrow too ...UGH The weeds will Love it !!!

  7. I have to get out and weed in the morning if it dont rain. I love how Mary Mary is turning out even though it is different from the original. Janice

  8. It may be a design headache but it is looking gorgeous. We had stumps along a fence at our house and took the long route to get rid of them: we inoculated them, drilling many holes and inserting mushroom spores. It took several years but nature had its way.

  9. That tree stump is quite huge.

  10. Your mat looks good,,,,,bit by bit,,,,
    Take care and have great weekend,,,,,


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