Wednesday, July 27, 2022


The Mary Comstock rug is back on the frame for a short period of time as that's about all my patience will be able to take.  You see in order to make it look more similar to the antique I'm re-drawing some many of the elements and it gets frustrating navigating the various lines even having used different colored Sharpies.

Never will I ever buy an antique adaptation from someone else again even if it is on sale.  I personally like the antique adaptation to look exactly like the original antique.  Whereas some people might like to make it their version.  So for that reason I'll draw my own.
Cottage and Apple Tree is all hooked and will show you photos later but want to use some walnut solution to tone down and dirty up some areas on it first.  I'll show you a before and after staining.  

My new pattern (antique adaptation) has been drawn but still need to do the pre-binding stitching around the perimeter while there are no loops pulled.  Much easier to navigate around a sewing machine before than after it is hooked.

It poured rain early this morning, the water soaked up like the ground was a sponge, that's how dry it was.  Pleasant Wednesday to you and happy hooking.



  1. Good morning Saundra. I'm looking forward to seeing some progress on your Mary Comstock rug and I can feel your frustrations with the adaptation that you bought. Be as it may, I still think it's looking great.

    We need rain as the earth is parched here. We never got the rain and thunder that we were warned about. It just fizzles into nothingness. The night was cool last night so I slept relatively well.

  2. Looks like you are making tracks on Mary.... I often wish I had would be able to get together with others to hook but know everyone would hook circles around me. Still plugging away on Welcome Cats here. (No, I have NOT been stitching...although the temptation is great.) Glad you got some rain. We were supposed to get some last night, but it didn't happen. However, we had been blessed last week with quite a bit so nothing to complain about in that regard. Beautiful evening here...although a little cool. I will need to close up windows soon. ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  3. Like Julia, I also think your Mary Comstock is looking great. The colors are wonderful! I would love to be a fly on the wall and watch you work. I am glad you got some rain, but we are still waiting. Hopefully, the wait will be short.

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  5. Possibly silly question (again) from a non-rug hooker - if all the different colors of marker are confusing (or simply upsetting seeing how much you re-drew), would it work to baste the desired lines with yarn or string and remove it as you get close to the line? That might stand out enough to say "this line!". It would be similar to those who baste grid lines on their cross stitch and remove it as they stitch near it.
    Can't wait to see your upcoming project, wise move to do the sewing before hooking. I can see it would be very awkward doing it after, unless it's a very small rug. And it would prevent the backing from fraying too much from handling.
    We're not *too* dry (yet) but a bit more than the dampening we got last night would be welcome.

  6. Lucky you to get a downpour. We got just a little but praying for more.
    Still teasing us about your next adaptation!!!

  7. I hope you get the lines figured out. That is such a bummer and I would be frustrated myself. I wish we would get some rain. Janice


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