Monday, February 6, 2023

Woman on Horseback Update

Nope, still not done but is great to have something to work on away from the floral ~ a nice break.  As previously mentioned I opted for fall leaves.  I did take a brown thread ~ actually pulled a thread from a strip of wool and wedged in between the face and sky of the woman.  Sadly moving the piece around the frame the gripper pulled some of the threads out.  So after it is completely hooked will do that again to show definition to her face.
Kimm, finished hers in January and if you'd like to see her version click HERE.  Kimm drew her pattern a few inches smaller than me at 14 x 14.5 and think she hooked in #6 but you can read about that on her blog at that link.  I drew mine 18 x 18.5.  Therefore was able to use some #8.5 but more narrow in small leaves, bridle, reins, and elsewhere where required. 

Also decided to do two strips of wool for the base of the trees instead of the narrow drawing from the original quilt block.  But we are all entitled to our own creative endeavors aren't we?

Today I ordered another fill of propane which will be delivered tomorrow.  I asked the cost today and it was 10 cents cheaper per gallon than when ordered in October.  Think it was just the luck of the draw but still am happy with that savings.      

Happy hooking.             



  1. Your lady on horse back is looking great. You don't have much left to do.
    I started to whip my Madonna of the street but haven't done much on it. I've been out quite a bit this past week but it's no excuse for not working on my rug.

    What a nice surprise for the propane gas to be 10 cent a gallon cheaper than October.

    The weather has returned mild again.

    Take care, hugs.

  2. I am SHOCKED this is not in the done Soon I am sure.
    What's next?
    At least the propane cost has not increased but I am sure is still god-awful.

  3. She’s looking amazing Saundra! Yay! And I like all your colours.

  4. Even though your propane was cheaper an still it was quite a bit out of your budget...but this current admin is saying all is good with the economy. I dont even want to watch tv tonight, so looks like I will be crocheting some dishcloths for a customer. Lady on Horseback is looking good! Like Lauren said...what's next? Cannot wait to start on mine. Janice

  5. Love how your Lady on horseback is coming along! that little piece outlining her face is great ! The Cat in the tree & your fall leaves are perfect!!! Finally nice to see the price of something go down !!!!

  6. You are edging so close to finishes on both rugs so I am sure you are pondering what's next. Your ladyship is looking more dapper than ever on her fall ride. ~Robin~


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