Monday, October 30, 2023

1776 EAGLE

Thought I'd show you an update of 1776 Eagle.  It won't be all hooked before heading to camp this coming Sunday but Lollipop Flowers will be bound by then.  Which means I'll have the new project, the eagle and the plus one.  Essentially I will end up with plus two, lol.  But the circles rug was intended to be an ongoing project whenever, between rugs, so no rush to get it done.
I'm loving how this is turning out and took a photo of the wool being used for the eagle body and wings.
Although, looking at the rug photo on computer perhaps the wiser choice for the wings would be replace that top brown with the scrap dark piece placed on top of the brown tweed wool...hmm.

Happy hooking.



  1. Another masterpiece!
    I am not a fan of reverse hooking, but me thinks an outline change to the darker brown scrap would look really good.

  2. Another amazing job,,,,
    Love the textures,,,

  3. The bird is looking good, I like that you are hooking the wings in the direction the feathers go in real life.
    Question - when using striped fabrics, do they get cut with the stripes or across the stripes? Or does it differ depending on the project, the size of stripes, or what look is preferred?

  4. I really like how you have hooked the wings ! Will be another Beauty !!

  5. Lovely hooking....that dark background makes the eagle absolutely take flight. Love it! ~Robin~

  6. loving how the stripes on his wings mimic feathers...try the dark wool for the top...if in doubt, then rip it out ;)
    Lori from Notforgotten Farm


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