Tuesday, June 25, 2024


Temps have soared this month, but it is summer after all.  After lots of complaining the lake finally dried up and now the grass is crispy. Guess I can't be happy, lol. Yesterday it was quite windy and thought I'd no longer be in Kansas if I walked outside. 
I'd just resolved my Outlook email issue yesterday and at 2:30 p.m. the power to everything went out.  I figured due to high winds a tree had fallen across the power lines and that's exactly what happened.  The top of a pine tree snapped, brought down power lines which sparked causing a fire.  With the high winds the spread was rapid across the dried grass then into a farmer's field.  Hope he didn't lose much produce.  Luckily for our community this occurred  just down the road so we were safe from fire.  Power didn't come back until after I'd gone to bed.  

Moving along... the last loops pulled on my rug last night were by braille and whatever illumination my small battery operated light offered.  And the subject of this rug is a dog this time, not a horse.
There is a method to my madness for not showing the whole pattern.  But you'll have to wait and find out just why with the next update.  I've seen numerous antique rugs with the dog's tongue sticking out, but this is the first time I'm hooking one.

I see something to change when I throw the pattern back on the frame ~ a lighter value outline around the ear is needed.  Thought the different and somewhat lighter value wool might do the trick but think an outline is still needed.

As I lay in bed last night trying to go to sleep my mind kept thinking of future topics for blog posts.  Am thinking of doing a regular 'Throwback Thursday" segment reminiscing of the drive from the east coast to the "Left" coast.  I kept a journal of our travels to California and wrote about our experiences.  Mostly I did that for our son but thought I'd read it later in life when the memories had faded.  So be prepared to be bored with an off-topic from hooking on Thursdays in the near future.

Happy hooking.



  1. Lucky the fire didn't spread towards your house ! We have had a lot of wind all month .... it has helped to keep the hot humid air moving a little .
    Love your dog sticking it's tongue out ,maybe it's panting in this heat ? LOL
    "Throwback Thursday" will be fun , driving back then wasn't as wild & crazy as it is now . No cell phone distracts !
    Your Lake has finally dried up ! Yay !!!

  2. You Tease 😂 Will be fun to see what else is along with the k9. Have a great day 😊

  3. You're already making great progress on your new rug!
    Happy to hear the power is back on ;-)

  4. Your dog is looking good and I agree the ear needs a lighter outline. The computer comes in as a great tool to see what needs to be changed.

    I'm glad that your power came back on and that you were safe from the fire. It's still scary as fire can spread quickly.
    I never heard of hooking by braille, lol ... Only you can hook by braille.

    Stay safe from nasty weather. Hugs

  5. Scary stuff with the fire. Glad your power has been restored. We had an unexpected derecho storm with winds of 75mph+ winds come through and tornado touchdown at the lake. No real warnings came out before hand so it caught many unprepared. I haven't made it up to the lake yet to check all the damage (had company from Canada here) but had the neighbor go up and he said house is still standing. Your pup rug is looking great!! And I think the throw-back Thursday episodes will be a fun ride. I kept a journal when I lived in Spain and have often thought about sharing bits and pieces from it....but, for whatever odd reason, I haven't even managed to read it myself all these years later. I think I might be afraid of reacquainting myself with the person I no longer am.... ~Robin~


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