Tuesday, June 18, 2024


The last loop was pulled on the adaptation of Running Horse; or so I thought.  After taking this photo and seeing it on my computer monitor decided one or two of those white strips under the horse's mouth should be replaced.  OH, that is a wool thread just under the chin which has since been removed.
And so I did, here it is now.  Perhaps this one below is better but me thinks this is gonna stay regardless.
Plan is to switch from my favorite muse, a horse of course, to a different subject for the next project.  These are the colors I'll start with, which are from my worm baggies.  I usually start there before cutting any new wool.  In the zipper bag are all my primitive darks.
What is on your frame?  Happy hooking.



  1. The horse turned out fantastic! Still have potted plant on my frame. Janice

  2. Your Horse looks great ....now what is the pattern hiding under containers of wool ??? LOL

  3. Running horse turned out majestically. I like the limited color palette. Always the tease, aren't you MD? Nothing's on my frame. Was thinking of taking up the stag again but then thought I should really bind Welcome Cats before I do that...so I went back to stitching. Incorrigible. ~Robin~

  4. What a show stopper! Wow! I always like your work - think you know that, but this piece makes one stop and look. The corner details are kin to the wood molding of an arts & crafts style home. It looks - yes, even with the horse - architectural. Well done 💕

  5. You are good going to your worms first. I usually just cut more wool...why I have so darn many worms.
    Running Horse...another great finish. Looking forward to what is next!!!

  6. Love ur mat,,,!!!Looks so Good,,,,,!!!
    Keep cool,,,darn heat is here too ,,,and no AC,,,,grrrr,,,


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