Sunday, June 23, 2024


Sweet rug with a dog and cat at play.  No date was provided but it measures 32 x 69.  That border is lovely but I sure wouldn't like having to secure and bind the edge.
A Grenfell rug given a date of 1937 and measures 12 x 16.
loral hooked late 19th century measuring 27 x 51.
Two horses dated 1928 which reminds me so much of the next rug.  Not so much for the colors or border but the position of the horses I guess.
This one has been posted before and Barb Carroll owned the original antique and offered patterns for it.  She even had an adapted pattern in (I think) Early American Magazine several years ago.
Landscape with red house and Barn hooked in the 19th century.   Hmm, looks rather blurry, sorry.
A village Landscape hooked in the 1900's.
Feast your eyes on this gorgeous yarn sewn rug by Sarah Colburn.  Dated 1836, measures 36 x 69, from Lowell, Mass. which sold for $8,610.  Wowsa!
A Waldoboro floral dated 1840-50 and copied from a magazine.  
It was/is, still a scorcher today.  I only went outside to put more water in the birdbaths and in a low container on the ground for small crawling critters like rabbits or turtles.  Of course I have a larger bucket at the edge of the woods for my deer. 

Okay, next time I do a blog post it will be to show you progress on my current project.  And promise I won't wait until it is finished to show it to you.



  1. Oh my.... That E Pluribus Unum rug is a beauty! I also really like the Waldoboro one. got another horse or two up your hook?? Don't keep us waiting Mummy D...some of us don't have a lot of patience to spare these days. ;-) ~Robin~

  2. I concur with Robin. E Pluribus Unum is magnificent.
    I have several birdbaths I keep full, but water for the da** deer...I think not. They would probably drink and then munch on the hostas ;-(

  3. Wowsa for sure! Lately we have been filling our birdbath twice and three times a day. Also the flowers...but tonight we had rain. Great rug show as always. Janice

  4. There are always a couple I like in your rug shows. We have had rain for the past 3 days and tornado warnings thankfully none.

  5. A great show πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„πŸ˜Š
    Of course,,houses,,,,, 🏘️

  6. Great show - they are all remarkable pieces. I like that wonky edge 😜

  7. E Pluribus is incredible and sold for that much !!!! Amazing !!! The houses with red snow is just fun , my grand kids would be asking 100 questions about the red snow , maybe The Cat In The Hat did that ???

  8. I agree, E Pluribus is just gorgeous. I would like to see the back of the first irregular edge rug. I wonder how they finished the edge.
    You always keep us entertained with these great rug shows. Thanks, Saundra.

    Can you tell, that I haven't caught up with everyone's blogs yet?
    I had to laugh at Lauren comment about the deers. They don't care if she fills the bird bath for the birds, they'll drink water where ever they find it, lol... Like in my water barrels, and they ate most of my Hostas, the ungrateful beasts.

    Take care, hugs.


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