Sunday, June 9, 2024


Yesterday I did some mundane household chores and my wool arrived from The Wool Studio so washed up those two yards.  I miss having Heavens to Betsy wool, I know we still have Dorr, but Betsy had some great wool and it was a regular weave not the tight weave (TW) that Rebecca sells.

So now I've a question for you ~ do you like the tight weave wool?  And do you wash it or use it as is?  I find that after washing the TW it ends up feeling like coat weight wool.
Today I washed my vehicle which hadn't been washed in YEARS!  My vehicle lives in the garage so it is shielded from some elements.  But road grime during my limited traveling does get it dirty.  So it looks nice and clean for a change.

Then after doing that I washed the short side of my home and got rid of dirt and green mildew.  By then it was time for lunch and was too tired to do anymore house washing.  I've a haircut tomorrow and by the time I get home it will be lunchtime and too hot and humid to put my body thru house washing again.  Besides, that mildew will still be there waiting for me.

Gonna go play with my hook and wool with a glass of cab. 🍷 Cheers.



  1. I hardly ever wash my car and I should. It was a brisk and windy Fall like day here today So much that I put on my warm jammies. I dont wash my wool. Just use it as is. Janice

  2. I wash my wool as I dye most of it. I don't use tight weave. I prefer using the soft felted wool for my fine cuts.

    Every time I take my car to the Nissan dealer, they wash and vacuum the interior as a curtesy for me but they don't wash the outside. My car gets dirty because the road to the fields at the farm is very dusty this time of year. I usually rinse the dust off with the hose when the rear gets dusty. I usually wash and wax my car at least once a year.

    Enjoy your glass of wine. I'm out.

    Hugs, Julia 😢

  3. I meant, I'm all out of wine. lol...

  4. I always wash my wool, even the TW. Maybe it is a little thicker washed...but never really had an issue.
    This year I splurged and got a monthly pass to the car wash that is only 5 minutes from my house. It is a real treat for me to have a clean car. Now I need to use their free vacuums and do the inside!!!
    When you are done washing your house, you are welcome to come do! Right now it is covered in bugs and is absolutely disgusting ;-(

  5. You deserve that drink,,,worked hard for sure,,,,
    I always used to wash my wools,,,,

  6. The wool I buy from Woolen Memories is so nice , she washes all her hand dyed pieces and they are great to hook with . I prefer a tight weave , I don't like using wool that is thin , it usually frays and it frustrates me. All my hooking friends wash every piece of wool they buy. I am nervous about all the lint that creates in my dryer though. My vent to the outside has to go far from the dryer .
    Hope you enjoyed 2 glasses of wine after all that work you did yesterday !!!


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