Saturday, June 29, 2024


I knew I wanted a dark dog so that was an easy decision.  While looking on the shelves discovered a beautiful textured wool that had somehow evaded me for years.  It is a beautiful wool and decided to use that as the border.  So, what would I use as the background??
Obviously since the dog is dark and the border that texture, I should go with a lighter background.  Chose the gold color wool but  thought it needed a greenish tint to go with the border texture colors.  So in the pot it went with a little water since I wanted it mottled.  Below is the before and after.
Vacated the dog and started hooking the swag, border and one row around the dog's face to see how it would look.   
Hmmm, maybe I need to take a photo with a larger strip of that gold to get a better idea.  Well, the gold seemed like a good idea at the time.
So what about my standby tan?
In comparing the different background colors I'm wondering how the light color in the swag influenced my choice for the tan wool?  What if I'd used a more complimentary color wool in the swag other than what I hooked, would I then like the gold better?  I'm such a lousy color planner for myself there's no way I'd be qualified to be a teacher

Well, there you have it, me color planning by the seat of my pants, once again.  Hope you're have better success, happy hooking.



  1. Looks great! I am not a good color planner I usually plan as I go which I know is a no no.

  2. LOVE that border wool. I wonder if I still have some.
    Your color planning always ends up being spot on.
    Just noticed how you are adding SP to your rug. Very cool!!!

  3. Awww...loving this rug. That border plaid is gorgeous! I stink totally at color go-to plan is to go down the lane. ;-). Personally, from the photos, I like the wool(s) you have placed under the dog's feet. (Then again, I might totally change my mind after seeing it all hooked. I always know what I like and don't AFTER the fact.) Not that you asked for opinions, but you know me - I always have plenty to spare.... Mummy knows best though. ~Robin~

  4. Love this pattern of your Dog !!! The border looks great , plaid always adds a lot ....guess if you hook a little more of the background you will get a better idea of what color to use ??? I like the dirty gold color . Is this pattern your design ?

  5. I actually like the gold (ducking). Not my rug 😁. Might sound silly but also like that the dog has “a rug” under it. Looks great so far.
    Lady Locust

  6. That's a fun process,,,when I hooked alot,,I loved that part,,,

  7. I do like the gold or the green. Love your dog too! Janice


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