Thursday, June 27, 2024


IBM offered Gary 3 locations, Boca Raton, Florida; somewhere in the mid-west (forget which state) and California.  We talked it over and decided to 'go west young man, go west'.  IBM would fly us to California, transport our vehicles and household items there but we decided to travel across the US and take in the adventure.  We were travelling during the Christmas/New Year holiday, Greg was out of school so perfect timing.  Below is the Christmas card/letter to all our family and friends.

Well this is just the tip of the story.  More to come and if I see any of my followers leave I'll know not to continue.  Otherwise the next installment will be next Thursday.



  1. What a trip down memory lane!!!
    Hey, don't worry about losing followers. If they leave because they don't like what you are writing, it's their loss...and very petty.

  2. I agree totally with Lauren. I for one love to get to know about the past or the present lives of my blogger friends. I'm looking to read more. Who the heck was Pyewacket? lol...

    Enjoy the weekend, Hugs.

  3. I enjoy this part,,,it's interesting to know more ,,
    You have had an interesting time,,,

  4. It's a good post. Made me wonder how the pets were transported.
    It also made me stop and think...hmmm 1978 Where was I? What was I doing? Santa Barbara CA and very pregnant with my first. I like your throwback and I thank you for inspiring a little look back into my own.

  5. Wow that was a major move and right after Christmas !!!! Lots of stress , but hopefully you found a lovely home ....a fun post about your life Saundra ! Can't wait to hear more !

  6. Gah! I love this! So much has changed - and so little. I smirked a bit about the "conservative easterners" label (in 1978, I wasn't sure what the heck I was...Oh, that's right...exploring socialism in Europe....gulp) and places to avoid. You were wise beyond your years then... Looking forward to the next installment. ~Robin~


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