Friday, February 14, 2014


Done just in time for Valentine's Day I managed to get the other two hearts backed and stuffed with lavender buds. In the basket to the far right is the Heart my dear friend Lauren of Rugs and Pugs gifted me, along with a silver pendant/scissor fob with the letter "S".   Thanks again Lauren, you're very thoughtful and generous.
The little black dollie was made by my friend Frannie Meshorer, as were the dolls hanging on the wall in the background.  I put a little heart pin on her that was also a gift from Frannie.  And, if you let your eyes roam past the basket of hearts you will see a heart cut out on the back of my bench seat. 

I'm really enjoying the Lollipop Bouquet rug I hooked, you can see part of it on my harvest table.  It might be there for a while, unless it sells on e-bay which I doubt.  But if it were to sell I would hook this one up again in a heartbeat.  Even tho there were 66 circles (yup, I counted them) it was fun to go thru my woolie strips to find suitable colors to hook all of them.

Now that the hearts are hooked and 500 Mile Betts is off the frame think I'll try to endure hooking at least two blocks in that UFO geometric.  And then my plans are to start the Chicken Challenge Rug.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone and thank you for visiting.



  1. Happy Valentine's Day Saundra! Love that basket of hearts!!! So many beautiful goodies! Blessings,Jen

  2. happy Valentine's Day.
    Hugs to you and Ben.
    I love your hearts!
    The whole photos is just wonderful,
    the rug on the table, the basket,
    and the dollie, and the hearts!

  3. The lollipop rug looks great amid that display. Lauren's hearts have made there way around blogland. She is generous

  4. as always lovely I love your doll so sweet and the hearts are wonderful


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