Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Time to Switch Projects, But....

My heart has wanted to switch from grandson rug back to Ned for a few days now.  But life got in the way by drawing patterns (think $), yesterday's plumber visit, doing laundry, grass cutting and then just too tired to swap out the hooking mess to another.  

In reality, my head was telling me to finish the top left corner of the sports rug before moving on anyway.  So, needed to get my head and body in sync with my heart.

Plus, this afternoon I met with  my neighbor's mother (about my age) who wanted to learn to hook.  Bob said she had admired a candle mat I'd hooked for them and wanted to learn hot to do that.  His mother Virginia is also still mourning the loss of her husband so perhaps hooking will be therapeutic.
Told her that I could easily have drawn something on the linen but that the motif should be something she would enjoy and not just something drawn by me.  SHowed her some smalls I've hooked, explained it could be as simple as a heart, a star, child's hand, etc.  So sent her home with two magazines and a beginner hooking publication for her to peruse and get inspiration on what she would like to hook.   It will be small so she can feel a sense of achievement.

Oh, also provided a beginner lesson I'd typed up years ago when I did kits. It was a rather whirlwind trip here today but did show her how to pull loops, how to roll the hook back toward the previously pulled loop and sent her home with some worms to practice with on the linen.

Then, after she left remembered that I had a wooden frame she could use which would render more successful results in her becoming a hooker if she had something to sit on her lap instead of a hoop like I learned on.  Yes I struggled thru using a loop but after months of practice decided it was time to buy descent equipment.  Uh, but back then descent was like this frame above as I still wasn't convinced to spend several hundred dollars on a cutter, frame or OMG $45 for a hook??

Told Virginia that tomorrow I'll show her how to transfer ideas onto linen once she tells me what motif she wants drawn.  Then will give her another demonstration, watch her pull a few loops and move forward after that.  

So that was my day today and still haven't made the transition from sports rug to Ned.  I'm getting a little antsy here guys and I need a FUN FIX.  Am hoping to pull blue background loops like crazy tonight so that tomorrow over coffee I can make the switch out.

FYI, I've been asked dozens of times if I would teach how to hook and people would pay.  Every time I've said "no".  AND, I'll say no again but my neighbor Bob and family is special.  

Have a great evening everyone.  Ned, oh Ned.... I'll be there soon fella.



  1. I've never understood how people can hook with a hoop. You need 3 hands!

  2. Its so nice that you are taking the time to teach someone to hook. I wished I had lived close when I begin hooking. But so many bloggers, including yourself, helped me with a thousand questions.

  3. I've never hooked with a hoop and like Kim, don't understand how people do it, but do know one hooker who prefers it.
    How sweet of you to take the time to teach her. I'm sure it is special to Bob.
    Hugs :)

  4. Good for you saundra,,,, so nice,,,, I make kits to give to people or sell them very reasonably at fairs and studio tours, etc,,,, but have soooo much wool to share,,,, I just love doing it,,,, take care,,,

  5. What a kind gesture! Love the crow rug in the background...looks to be a Magdalena pattern...someday I'm going to hook one of those!

  6. I never understood hooking in a hoop either...I totally need the tautness of a frame...I agree with you on not teaching, though like you I would do it for someone special...hoping you get lots of hooking time today!

  7. Very nice of you to share your talents and supplies. Have a wonderful 4th and fun with Ned. Pls share progress pic's.


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