Sunday, September 2, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Hard to believe it is September already and this time next Sunday I'll be in Cape May for rug camp.  So this week I have this pig sty to clean before my house/Ben sitter arrives, wash the van before loading it up, make the requested chili for my house/Ben sitter and other miscellaneous and boring duties.  I'm looking forward to the packing for camp but not the cleaning.

A couple weeks ago I read with envy a post on Rugs and Pugs that my friend Lauren posted. She met her friend Ann at Sauder where they exchanged gifts ~ Ann received the spoon necklace from Lauren and Ann gave Lauren a hand woven basket.  Oh my but I turned green with envy and posted that jealousy on Lauren's blog, even mentioning that I almost weakened and bought one even tho I've as many baskets as I have patterns to hook.

Well don't you know that I received a personal message from Ann inviting me to do a swap for a basket.  She mentioned three patterns she liked and I offered to draw them in exchange for a basket.  So look at this beauty that arrived in the mail yesterday for me!!!  It will go to Cape May with me filled full of wool and goodies and I will proudly strut my stuff with my stash in the wonderful handmade basket by Ann of 1803 OHIO FARM BASKETS.  
Ann's swap request was to get the patterns for:  School Primary, Cat and Bowl of Flowers.  Then she wrote back saying she'd changed her mind and chose the Crow purse instead of Bowl of Flowers.  Well, I misunderstood, and thought she had changed her mind on getting patterns to hook but instead wanted the finished purse, so that is what I sent.
However, when her great basket arrived with a card, she wrote ....'that she was looking forward to hooking my patterns'.  OOPS!  I had goofed!  So it seemed she did want 3 patterns (School Primary, Cat, Crow Purse pattern),  but I'd sent her a finished purse instead.  I offered to have her return the purse and would happily draw the patterns for her to hook but she said she would rather keep the completed project instead, if it was okay with me.  Well of course I was more than thrilled and to have the opportunity to make a new friend and have a handcrafted basket by her as well..... thank you Ann!!!!!  If you are interested in checking out Ann's items on etsy, enjoy, she does wonderful work.

And, speaking of the holiday weekend......Labor Day 9 years ago really was a Labor Day for my delightful and sweet daughter-in-love when she gave birth to my grandson Zachary.   Here he is blowing out the candle on his cake.
Photo: Birthday boy

I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday weekend.  Thanks for stopping by for a spell.



  1. I love that basket! Have a fun time,Hooking looks wonderful too.

  2. Oh, Saundra ~
    That is too funny! The basket is wonderful, isn't it? I just love mine. It was a pleasure meeting Ann. She is a real sweetie.
    Oh, soon you will be counting the hours instead of the days until Cape May.
    Happy holiday to you!
    Hugs :)

  3. what a wonderful basket. It is funny that you got your wires crossed but I am sure she is happy with her purse.
    have a great time!

  4. don't you just love Ann's baskets. i keep looking at that one myself. i may just treat my self one day, have fun in Cape May!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday to Zachary! denise


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