Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rugs started at Cape May

Before I go there, I want to say that since Friday I've gone thru a bit more than a full bolt of linen ~ cutting, serging edges and drawing patterns.  So this is my break time and I'm sharing it with my cooking rice and getting to do stir fry.  THAT SAID..... this will be a short preview of the rugs started at Cape May.  UH, VERY short.

It is always delightful to see what everyone else is working on and their color choices when you go to a camp.  You get to see designs in the making for the future Celebrations magazine.  And the creative minds.... those thinkers that have the juices to do their own rugs.  I sure wish my genes carried some of that.  

So the 'in progress' rugs  I'm showing you tonight are magnificent narrow cuts.  This is a rug that Cheri Reid is hooking of her husband and his Colors.  Cheri does wonderful hooking and hooks a mile a minute... okay, maybe not THAT fast but she is a fast and good hooker.

Here is probably another Celebrations works in progress by Sarah Province.

Okay I said it would be short as my buzzer is going off for me to start my stir fry to be done in time for brown rice.  Sorry everyone, but I've been a very busy girl.  Please check back to see the other numerous rugs started at Cape May.



  1. Saundra ~
    You sound like you are meeting yourself coming and going. I know that feeling all to well!
    Hugs :)

  2. My computer allows me to blow up your photos to see the hooking in minute detail. Both rugs when done will be awesome...

  3. Gosh what beauties............mmmm stir fry............(I can't make brown rice so that it is fit to eat).
    I made a big ole pot of fresh split pea soup yesterday. Had a bowl for lunch. Gosh, was it ever tasty! too. lol


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