Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Prelude to Cape May

Even tho it seems like an eternity, it has only been one year since last rug camp at Cape May.  I'm sure that I've previously posted about the 'hidden messages' technique that Bev was teaching last year and it would be in last September or October 2011 blog.  While I wasn't in her class last year she spoke about the technique at mealtime and was interesting.  But just in case you didn't see that post I'll do it again to let you know what a part of our class will include.  You can see my initials and date hooked into the the Rottweiler Memorial (Shumba and Panzer) hooked and seen from the top.  The initials were before the divorce when I took back my deceased husband's last name of Porter ~ yeah, more than you needed to know.
However there is a way to hide initials as well as secret messages that can be seen from the back and won't destroy the beauty of the front.  An example would be a rug which Bev hooked for her daughter's Wedding Rug.  This is what the wonderful top looks like.
The full message hooked says, "Life isn't measured by how many breaths you take, but rather by how many times it takes your breath away." 2010 Ashley Jeff All my love bmc
I don't plan to do a whole long message but will put my initials and date so it can be seen from the back and not the front.  It does take a little more effort to do Bev's technique but you can definitely see the benefits.

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  1. Love the Rottweiler rug :) Beautiful work!
    The message on the back of the wedding rug is AMAZING!

  2. Saundra, Being relatively new to the rug hooking craft, I have not seen this technique before - thanks for sharing so I can now be on the look out for this. Wish my Grandmother had signed her rugs! Have a wonderful time this weekend. ~Ann


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