Friday, September 7, 2012

One Day and a Wake-up.....

.... before I leave for Cape May.  But before I ramble on about that, I know how all of you look forward to looking at rugs so thought I'd post a wide cut hooked rug of my departed Rottweilers Shumba and Panzer.  The other day I posted a picture of them hooked in #3 cut and as soon as that was hung on the wall I immediately started hooking a wide cut, primitive rug of them.  Just had to get it out of my system and prove to everyone that you can get some detail with #8 strips.  

Shumba measures 13" tall and Panzer is about 14 1/2" tall, both hooked in #8 cuts.  Yes, I've very proud of that narrow cut piece and even incorporated some of their own hair which I saved in a bag when I would groom them during happy days.  Then I had a friend spin the hair on a narrow core of wool.  That wool/hair combination can be seen at the neck where the color changes.  Hard to see in the picture (from the other day's blog) but very easy to see in person.  Frankly, I think this rug shows the essense of who these great dogs were.  So here is the wide cut:

You can see my Townsend Orbiter on the floor, two small totes with wool for my rug, but already in the van is a container which holds those rings with samples of all the wool I'm taking.  So the totes of wool will stay in the van and I'll only pull out larger pieces of what is selected for the rug...saves time unloading and loading back up .

Also the OTT light is patiently waiting in the back of the chair, there are some items I'm taking to 'hopefully' sell at the camp store ~ flower pins in the long vintage sewing machine drawer, some pouches for snippets or hooks with a magnet on top to hold scissors.  Then, inside that patriotic sack are 10 rugs and mats that I am taking for the show display.  Good grief, that is the most I've ever taken in one year.

Suitcase still has to be packed because I'm watching the weather to see what kind of wardrobe will be needed, my Townsend cutter is still upstairs and being used before I go so HOPE I don't forget to take it.

Now, I'm going to talk about Blogger.  Yes, they are generous to give us free blogging capabilities, but sometimes it drives me NUTS!!!  Nuts I tell you!!!!  Somehow my blog spot disappeared between yesterday and sometime this morning.  Even I couldn't find it.  I did notice yesterday that I was given a box to put my telephone number in and I refused.  So here is what I surmise......

First must tell you all that I HATE the word verification thing.  A lot of times the letters are so squished together that you can't tell an 'a' from an 'e', or an 'f' from an 'r'.  Sometimes the numbers are so blurry they are hard to detect too.  So I do know that on some blogs where I tried to post a comment I didn't get the letters right so it prompted me to another series of  letter/number combinations.  Maybe that is what happened and Blogger wanted to verify it really was me and not some stupid robot trying to decipher the numbers.

Anyway, this morning I did put in my phone number and had an automated return call giving me a code to type in a box which gave me my blog back.  So people, let me say that from this day forward I will not make any comment to any one's blog who has that stupid and hard to read word identification.  There, nuf said and glad I got it off my chest.

Thanks for this visit and this girl has to get of'n this machine and work more toward getting ready for camp.  TA TA.



  1. It looks you are ready!!! Have a ball and take lots of pics to share with us.
    Hugs :)

  2. Saundra,
    I am so jealous so you better have a great time and take lots of pictures for those of us left behind! Try not to forget too much and try not to buy too much while you are there. Most of all, enjoy yourself!! You deserve it!!!

  3. Hi Saundra! I'm with you about Blogger! SO frustrating and I have to now go to Google Chrome to even post and that's confusing!!! Grrr...I don't take change well!
    Karen & the Hounds


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