Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cape May mini-Tour

Yes, there really are more rugs to come but thought I'd give you a treat and take you back in time with a tour of the Victorian hotel The Chalfonte.  It has quite a colorful history which you can read about here.  AND, to share a little time with me and my gal pals.  

I mentioned that Deb, Char and I sit on the...oops OUR "Veranda" in the evenings.  Unfortunately there was no one to take a picture of all three of us together so I took pictures of them and Deb took a picture of me.  These were taken the afternoon of the 25 year celebration of Rugs by the Sea at The Chalfonte.    This is me toasting and saying "CHEERS".  
The building behind me is another Chalfonte property and where Joan, Annie and others rug hookers stayed.  They were there celebrating also.  They could hear laughter coming from the veranda on Thursday evening when Kris, her sister and we three were snacking and chatting.  Joan said she...."wished she could have been a fly on the wall', but all she had to do was come join us ~ HEY..... it is open season on party time at Cape May and all are welcome.

And here is my roomie Deb toasting with her glass of bubbly Champagne while looking up something on her iPad.  Frankly, I forget what it was but hey, if I had an iPad I'd have one on my lap all the time.
And our sweet Char, who balked at getting her picture taken.  I've lots of pictures that she ruined with her juvenile behavior since she hates having her picture taken.... but won't post those.  She is a dear sweet woman, as is Deb and it is a treasure for me to have both of them in my life.  So....  here is Char who is talking to Deb and I caught her off guard with the photo taking.  She also has a glass of Rose' wine for the 25 year celebration.  
There is a room on the lower floor and to the left of the registration desk which has vintage phone booths and and olde timey phone.  Just had to take pictures to inspire me for maybe a future rug..... and I do have some plans.
Oh dang, sorry about that.  I wish that when the camera is tilted sideways, and even when I go to paint program and upright it in my view it still doesn't post it properly.  If any of you computer savy people know what I can do I'd love to know.  Send me a personal e-mail to
But here it is up close..... hey, I remember the old dial shape but not this old.  This is a beauty for sure.
This is only part of the camp store.  It is set up near the dining area to tempt us as we stand in line at lunch.  Oh..... wool, patterns, antique paisley, jewelry, flower pins and other hooker needs.
And, in the Secret Garden, which is an access route to the ice machine, and between the two hooking rooms (which house two classes each) this is only part of the visual joy.  Actually, there is an additional sink above what you see but it would require me to either back up or tilt my camera.  Uh, and you know what happens when I tilt my camera, you have to lay on your side to see the pictures.

Thanks for stopping by to see what is going on in my humble life.  And YES there really are MORE pictures of rugs finished as well as those which were started at camp.  But thought perhaps you'd like to see a smidgen of the Chalfonte.  Maybe next year I'll take pictures of the climb to the tower and other interesting areas which we have investigated.  Deb, Char and I vowed to re-visit the tower this trip but we didn't get there.  Seems we're getting tired more early.  Even Deb commented that years past we used to stay up until after midnight and sometimes one ~ uh, this year I think we were in bed by 10:30.  BUT..... BUT.... we DID PARTEEEEEEEEE.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing the fun we had at Cape May.



  1. Oh, Saundra ~
    Cape May looks like so much fun and you three sound like parteee! Oh, BTW, you are just too dang cute!
    Hugs :)

  2. *****thanks for the pictures...i went many years ago when patsy becker was on the teaching roster. love cape may, we have gone many times to cape may point where one of my sisters, who is a sister of st. joseph of philadelphia, would be on retreat at st. mary by the sea. happy that you had a good time
    and looking forward to more pictures. tom

  3. wow,looks like a good time was had by all. next time i go home i'm gonna go to cape may. denise


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