Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Friend's Rugs

Although I have shown some of these previously, perhaps some of the new followers haven't seen them or didn't go back far enough into the archives to view them.  The following rugs were hooked by my friend Char.  When I posted a picture of her Baby Bear rug  and her Moss rug, mentioned about her Full Beaver Moon and think I mentioned about the Wedding Rug she hooked for her daughter and son-in-law.  I'll show you pictures now.

This is Full Beaver Moon and think she did a magnificent job on the moon and that is a show being cast by the moon in front of the beaver ~ quite beautiful I think.  And, if you double-click on it you will see the nails and teeth that Char made out of femo.

This is the Wedding Rug and it is humongous.  You must click on this one to enlarge.  The name of the groom is on the left top part of the tree and Char's daughter's name is on the right.  Likewise, the names of Jacob's family names are down the trunk (his parents) and into the roots are their parent's names.  Ditto for Char's daughter Glynnis' family on the right.  Then between the roots is a heart and the birth dates of the bride and groom on each side.  To say this is breathtaking is an understatement.  
And I mentioned that my dear friend Deb forgot to take another rug she finished last year and it was one she started in Kris Miller's class at Cape May.  It is named Glad Tidings.  She had it hanging in her home by the time Christmas arrived.  She used some of Kris' sheep locks for Santa's beard.
I did show you Deb's hooking of the Kinderhook Antique Basket in the show but will post it here again.  The lighting on the rug does not do it justice at all, it is  not washed out in person like it shows up here.
And since I also hooked that same rug, here is mine.  You will not believe what just happened.  I have a flash drive with all of the pictures in folders aptly named for Cape May and year, individual files with special names a file called "Saundra's Stuff".  I went there to retrieve a picture of this rug and the entire file is GONE.  I saw something flash on the screen when I clicked it and went to the SEARCH box on my computer to see if I could get it back but a message came up saying that file was damaged and beyond repair and not available.  OMG, my favorite dolls, all of my rugs, and things I've sold and wanted to keep a photo of all gone before my very eyes.  I just took a photo of this since it is hanging on the wall and guess I've got to re-photo everyone that I still own so that I can have them on file.  Oh man am I bummed!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by, I'm so ticked that I'm gong to open up a bottle of Merlot.  And do you believe tomorrow is OCTOBER?  Already?  I'm not ready for the holidays whatsoever!!!!!



  1. Saundra ~
    I am so sorry!!! Maybe some computer geek (or guru) could help?
    The rugs you've shown are simply amazing!!!
    Hugs :)

  2. they are all wonderful, so sorry about the loss, maybe someone else can retrieve it, like the previous comment said. I do hope so. hugs!

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