Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cape May Tomorrow

Tomorrow I'm leaving NLT 9:15 a.m. since I need to stop and get ice which will chill the white wine so it is ready to drink when we gals check in our room.  Yesssss, we will sip it on OUR veranda and chat about happenin's we've missed sharing since Barb Carrol's this past May.

Here is a picture (left to right) of me, Char and Deb at Cape May last year.  We have SO MUCH fun together and hang out the whole time.  Yeah we each do our own thing too; Deb and Char both like to walk the beach in search of the perfect beach glass and stones, and we all three love looking at the Victorian and colorful Bed and Breakfasts in the area as we walk to the shopping area.
Since the Chalfonte is a Victorian hotel it only has one room with a TV and shows are decided among those who go there at night to watch.  Well, not us three.  Deb (far right) brings a small TV/DVD player and we bring a bunch of DVDs and decide which movie we want to watch that night.  We share snacks, drink wine, laugh, hook and have a merry time in our room.

More boring stuff.... I did get my van washed and my Mag wheels are sparkling bright.  I made sure to wash the van before the severe thunderstorm which is forecast.  Also managed to get most of the house vacuumed and dusted before Ben's sitter comes to stay.  But must say I'm exhausted and will sleep like a baby tonight.......I HOPE.  Because I want to get up early and pack the cooler, pack a lunch to eat on the ferry ride over.

Yeah, they sell burgers, chips and stuff on the ferry but I'll be eating enough that isn't normally in my diet for the next five days so plan to make a green salad, take a banana, apple, water and healthy snacks.  My girlfriends make fun of me and even my neighbor says that I eat "twigs and berries".

I'm running low on energy and gotta finish what needs to be done so guess I'll say TA TA until I return from Cape May.

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  1. Have a wonderful time! I'm green with envy...

  2. have a great time.I envy you.

  3. Geez ~
    I guess we're all envious, so take LOTS of pictures to share with us!!!
    Hugs :)

  4. Hope you have a wonderful time! I wish I could go!!

  5. Big fun ahead! No wonder you look so fabulous ~ you eat twigs and berries!!! I'm going to start doing that!!! You're on the road already but I'll still wish you a great week!!!

  6. hope you have the bestest time ever! many blessings, Godspeed!


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