Thursday, September 20, 2012

And There Are More Cape May Rugs

These are the last of the finished rug show pieces so next will be the rugs started in class.  Here is a design you will recognize without even reading the designer's name, I'm sure.
This is a rug hooked by my roomie Deb and it is Kinderhook Basket offered by Barb Carroll which I also hooked a couple years ago and have it hanging on my wall.  I don't know what the heck happened to the photo with the sharp angles to the right side......weird.

Now that I'm going back thru the photos it seems that I neglected to put more animal and other critter rugs in the previous post so some got missed and you shall see them now.

Can't believe I missed so many animal and critter rugs.  I don't think this one was in my previous posts but if it was it is worth seeing again.

And then would you believe a DRAGON in our midst?  Very cool indeed.  I visited Taiwan (the Peoples Republic of China) as well as Hong Kong before they went from British rule back to China and the experience and talking to the people THEN before the transition was amazing.  No, I didn't hook this but still find it interesting and brings back the amazing experience there.
So now we have florals and some very very creative works coming up.  I love rug hooking and since there are so many patterns out there that I adore, why not hook those which I fall in love with....right?  But there are SOME PEOPLE who think outside the box and are creative thinkers and do what some may think is weird.  But folks, I gotta tell ya, these rugs drew quite an interest and conversations of creativity.

This is a thumb print of Joan Strausbaugh ~ it is amazing and no way I'd have thought to do that.... but Joan is a thinker and works outside the lines.  Well, okay, maybe she worked ON the lines this time.  Just LOOK at that wonderful soft background.
Ya know how when you go to rug camp and the teacher gets to you and she asks what rug you plan to hook?  Well, last year in Kris Miller's class, my dear friend Char, in front of another 11 people said, "moss".  Kris asked, "moss with trees or house?".  Char replied, "Nope, just moss".  

Uh huh, that was the response by her dear pals Deb and me.  But remember that she and her hubby have an  upper NY woods cabin near Canada and she wants earthy things there.  Last year she did the wonderful Full Moon Beaver rug, she has done a Mama Bear and Baby Bear rug and now moss.

Dang, I don't remember who hooked this or the name of the design ~ guess I was hoping my camera would pick up the information.  But as you can see it is yet another 'thinker' with a creative mind working.  

Oh but this is my kind of rug... an antique adaptation which I've seen in books and would love one day to hook it myself.

And a familiar design for those of you who attended ATHA in Lancaster, PA.

Here are individual rugs which are marvelous but not so many in a particular category to have a name.  This is one by Joan's friend Annie and her loops were uniform and  like soldiers with shoulder to shoulder.... Just look at her lettering and just you wait and see what her 5'10" Santa face looks like next year.

Now I must admit that while the hooking on this was perfect and my kind of primitive, I wonder about the reverse wording.  I'm wondering if the person purchased a pattern which was intended to be a punch needle rug (working from the back as in needle Punch) and didn't realize she or he could have printed the WELCOME out in the right way. Whatever the case it sure does make for a conversation piece for sure.

I've sorta run out of categories so now will just post the pictures of rugs which I took randomly.  It gets crazy in the show with so many of us hookers wanting to take pictures so sometimes if someone is taking a picture you just walk by them and plan to come back and take a picture next time.  But then you forget.  SO, if any of you hookers and showers of last week's rug camp were not previewed here, PULEEZ send me a picture of your rug and I'll post it.  Franky I'm hoping someone from this week's rug camp at Cape May will send me pictures OR, if they have a blog that they post them.

So now that the weather is getting cooler and we are not needing either A/C nor heat (don'tcha just luv that?) this is the perfect time to show fall and winter themed rugs.

The first rug is the beauty which was finally rescued from it's thief  and is the works of Linda Woodbury and happy to be back home.  And let me tell you this picture does NOT do it justice as my camera is picking up brighter colors because of the flash.  In person it is a delightful warm fall rug and not bright.

And, after FALL comes WINTER.

Thanks for stopping by and soon I'll post the pictures of the rugs in progress being hooked at camp.



  1. Thanks Saundra for taking the time to post all these. Some I loved and some I didn''t. All of them creative, for sure.
    Loved the thumb print. How cool was that?
    More and more, I am loving the fall rugs! Love those vivid colors.
    Thanks sweetie!!!!

  2. those are all amazing, just love the designs and colors!!!

  3. Love the rugs! What a bunch of creative hookers.

  4. Saundra ~
    THANK YOU!!! I just love seeing what others are hooking!!! Deb's Kinderhook Basket is wonderful. Someday I hope to hook that rug! I could pick out Kris Miller's rugs :) Her hooking is perfection.
    How cool that you went to Taiwan.
    Hugs :)


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