Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cape May classes

Laura Pierce was one of the teachers at Cape May who had students who were probably most interested in hooking faces in particular but also a wide range of pattern designs.  This is just one of Laura's wonderful hooked pieces.

There was one student in her class who had started her rug beforehand but just enjoys the teacher, the camaraderie and the ambiance of a rug camp.    Michelle Micarelli has visited Cape May numerous times so is considered family as all teachers and students are equally.

The beauty of the colors and hooking is not showing in my photo which seems to be washed out in the sunlight.   Cheri Reid has said that Michelle is a true artist and I have also seen some gorgeous works of art that have been hooked by Michelle and they are magnificent.

And another mermaid on the premises was one previously started by Cheri Reid.  I wish I'd taken a picture of it when it was on the floor in full view as the tail was embellished with beads and sequins, the hair glistened with beads as well ~ but unfortunately none of that shows up well in this photo.  So if anyone has a better picture I'd love to have you send it to me.  meanwhile, here it is sorta hanging in the spot where Cheri was working on it until it was her turn with the teacher for her camp rug.  If you double-click on it you may see some of the beads in the hair and part of the tail.  It is very breathtaking.

Another student was Jan who was doing her face and her husband's face.  Jan told me that she was never one to color inside the lines and she wasn't going to start now.  So these were the pieces she started.
Patti Ann Finch is doing a portrait of a two year old in more traditional colors and has done a very good job.  And remember these linens are placed on the grass in the yard so they look distorted since not on a flat surface.
Here is a picture of a rug which I showed you yesterday by Cheri Reid of her husband wearing his Scottish Tartan.  Cheri has done some other memorable works at other camps and she is a very humble hooker.  When I complimented her on this and other pieces she said made a comment saying..."she was a technician vs. a true artist".   But I beg to differ with her as she does beautiful work.  Cheri is also a lot of fun.
This is a piece being hooked by Mary Fadely.  But it was a child's drawing of the family.  I keep telling my daughter-in-love to save pictures that my grandson draws so that I can hook something he has drawn.
Sarah Province was also in her class and showed you a picture of her rug yesterday.  But for those of you who may have missed it, here it is again.
There were other students in Laura's class but I don't remember who they are and there was a problem with the shadows on the rugs as people were standing in front of the sun and casting their shadow on the rug we were trying to photograph.  I was standing toward the sun but had to wait until people walked by so their shadow didn't cast on the rug so missed a lot of pictures.

I'm thinking this was a rug that I saw on Laura's side of the classroom but don't know who the hooker is.  SO if anyone reading my blog knows the truth please inform me so I can update the blog with correct information.
My dear friend Joan Strausburgh has sent me a CD of rugs at camp so perhaps my next postings of pictures will be a little more organized and thorough.  I've worked my butt off today drawing more designs and shipping so plan to take the night off and hook a smidgen on a small mat that I've been commissioned to do.  Nope, have not pulled one loop on my camp rug since coming home 11 days ago and it is KILLING ME!!!!!

Thank you so much for stopping by and I do plan to put more rugs from camp on here tomorrow.... I HOPE.



  1. Saundra ~
    You have been so busy with making patterns. I'm sure you will be happy when done so you can start having some hooking fun again.
    So many wonderful rugs. I truly think the hookers are artists!
    Looking at the last rug, I am thinking Little ***** Sambo and sure enough it says Sambo at the bottom. I think I am dating myself...lol!
    Hugs :)

  2. I love all the faces, they are just amazing & mermaids, wow!!

  3. There were a lot of very creative gals at Cape May!


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