Friday, September 28, 2012

Cape May Class Rugs

Cindi Gay was another teacher at Cape May and she shared the back half of the room with the class we were in with Bev Conway.  Again, because the weather was so spectacular everyone seemed to gravitate to the porch to hook.  Well, except for a few of us who would rather not drag out wool, hooking frame, etc. outside, we just stayed inside in the shade, enjoyed the breeze thru the windows and chatted.

I know for sure this was a Cindi Gay class project but can't remember who was hooking it.  I do remember it distinctly because the hooking was so perfect that I was in awe...and it would be right on a table all by itself so I could enjoy it when I walked by to go to lunch or back from lunch.  

I think the following rugs were from Cindi's class. Sorry, but don't know who the hooker is.

And, Kris Miller was another teacher who shared a room with Laura in another part of the Chalfonte.  Since I wasn't in their class not sure who was hooking what.  Here are some of the rugs started by her students....or maybe they were Cindi's students.  

The next rugs are even more of a wild guess but didn't want to short anyone whose rugs I'd taken a picture of.  So enjoy the remainder of the started rugs at Cape May.

I know there were several rugs that I did not get a picture of because of the shadow situation.  Eventually I learned that I needed to be facing the sunny side and taking pictures but then there were people on the other side on the sidewalk taking pictures which was casting a shadow on the rug I wanted to take a picture of ~ such is the case with the few rugs just above.  

Anyway...... hope you have enjoyed your visit here and if anyone reading the blog wants to inform me on which rug was being hooked by whom and in which class I will make a change to my blog.

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  1. I am loving all of those rugs that first one is wonderful what beautiful colors and hooking.

  2. There are some beautiful rugs going on ... thanks for sharing

  3. thanks so much for sharing, the details are just amazing!

  4. What talented ladies! Thanks Saundra for the many pictures I so enjoyed looking at them.Cheri

  5. The first rug, Floral Tangle, is being hooked by Diane Luszcz who does not normally hook with a wide cut. She was quite concerned about her technique and was able to stop packing by the end of the week.

    The second, Annie's Flower Power Footstool is being hooked by Lois Hilliard.

    The third is a custom pattern that I drew for Susan Foley. I can't wait to see the tree with the sky hooked. Spectacular.

    The fourth is a new pattern, Oak and Acorns that was actually designed for Karen Buchheit who is hooking it here.

    Karen's sister, Carol McKey is a new hooker and doing an amazing job with the turkey.

    The cat rug was not done in my class. Maybe Bev's? Would love to know where it is available.

    The half round rug is being hooked by my friend, Pam Alexander. This was her first time at Cape May.

    Joanne Hendrix is hooking this Susan Quicksall rug.

    Rebecca Landin, the volunteer coordinator for Sauder Village's rug hooking week, is hooking this pattern called Rebecca. I don't remember the designer.

    The four by four sampler is being hooked by Terri Tancredi, a new hooker. Terri made huge strides with her technique.

    The last rug is also my design, Conquest of Queen Anne, and is being hooked by Cindy Harpring.

    Thanks for the post. It was a great week.


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