Thursday, October 4, 2012

E.S. Frost Sheep Rug

Oh my but it was a delight to get a picture of a finished Frost Sheep pattern that I drew for someone.  Each time I've sold a design, whether it be a Domestic Zoo, one of the Frost Sheep designs, etc, I always tell them that I'd love to have a picture of their finished piece.  You are in for a real treat.

This is Melinda Cole's creative version of the E.S. Frost sheep design, it delightful and has wonderful fall colors in it.  Melinda said she used up a lot of her left over woolie worms like women would have done years ago and used cuts #8, #8.5 and #9.  It is definitely a happy rug.  Double click on the sheep picture and look how the subtle color of the jaw line, face and ears almost makes the face look 3-D, and her similar but different colors of the sheep.  
This next picture, a close up of the top right side; I love how she changes the background color and the odds and ends hooked randomly in several areas.  If you look at the flower under the bird, it almost looks as tho she used a piece of antique paisley there.  

Okay...... this just in from Melinda and she said it is indeed antique paisley and she used it in 3 of her flowers.  Now, if I could detect antique paisley in a picture of a rug can you imagine the impact it has on the beauty of this rug in person?
Of course I asked for Melinda's permission to post the pictures and her name and since she should be proud of her work and permission was granted.  Seeing her work almost makes me want to hook the piece again.

Thanks for sharing your rug with me Melinda, ya dun good!.  I LOVE IT ! ! !



  1. Can't wait to see it, BUT, what if she says NO???

  2. You sure had me confused this morning.
    Oh my! That is a beauty!!! U am going to meet Melinda at the beginning of November at a workshop. Me thinks her hooking skills will put me to shame!
    Hugs :)


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