Saturday, October 20, 2012

Wee Folk Rug Issues (Updated)

Oh my but I'm having some issues with the Wee Folk rug ~ wasn't sure how many issues until I pulled it off the frame to take a picture for the blog.  The one that stuck out even before pulling it off the frame was the two blue half circle at the top.  This was supposed to be representative of half of a wheel, that I get.  And at camp it was suggested to not put in the separation grid lines but to just have the color changes and alternate the light blue and dark blue.  Frankly, I don't like the way it looks right now.  Was thinking that maybe I should make the two outer triangles in light blue and make both middle triangles a dark blue and still not have the grid lines.  But for sure I do not like what I see right now.  I'm open for suggestions.
And the other thing bothering me is that I feel the rug needs another color separating the top red border and the little gold and green triangles and background. 

Now, look at the bottom of the rug design for the border.  You can see there is a drawn in section between the background and the red border at the bottom which has been hooked in the suggested green.  So, maybe I should do a green line separating the red at the top as well.  The green was chosen perhaps to carry some of the same colors throughout the rug to make the eye move about and since there was already a lot of blue, she chose green.

Now, it was suggested that the border on top and bottom be red and the end borders (left and right side)  be dark blue.  Therefore, I could change that green trim to a dark blue to encompass the design with all blue around albeit just in trim inside the red.

I am now updating the blog with two new pictures.  Decided that perhaps I should take a picture with the blue and green line at the top and the blue at the side.  Not taking the time to hook it but just lay it out for comparison.

Here is the blue separation line at the top and could replace the bottom green with blue to match.
And now is a picture taken with the green at the top since the green is already at the bottom where the red border would be.
So for now think that I will concentrate on hooking the wheels, flags and background and maybe a light bulb will go off to give me direction after I sleep on it.  For sure it seems that I need a trim or separation line between the background and the red at the top.  And, any input from my knowledgeable hooker pal readers would be welcomed!

Thanks for stopping by and hope you can help me with my dilemma.



  1. I think the problem with the top wheels is the difference between how they look compared to the lower ones where you see spokes but the background still shows solid otherwise. Maybe because the top wheels are 2 colors, not just spokes? Just a thought. Green with green, or blue with blue? it is a bit odd to have it with just the green along the bottom, I think. You will get it figured out!

  2. OK, I have a question. What are those little green and gold triangles supposed to be? Is it like the little banners that are so popular now, that alot of people are making??? "IF SO"..... think about you when you decorate. Would you be celebrating some kind of patriotic holiday and say, "gosh, I need to hang me some green and gold banners?" I wouldn't. (BUT you know I am weird). I would probably hook them in navy, white and a red tweed. Maybe some kind of red/white check. The banner, if that's what it is, would carry on my patriotic color theme. ask.......... :-)
    The rug looks spectacular. This will be a real stunner.

  3. *****why don't you concentrate more on the interior of the rug and let the rest speak as you work. there is a lot of green in this area...the dilema that you are having will work itself out as the natural progression of the rug takes place. you're simply on overload...let you mind rest a bit. just a thought.


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