Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What's Next Ye Ask?

In a previous post I told you that my next rug was going to be yet another rug with lions.  This is one I designed based on a couple different antique rugs where I pulled elements that I liked from each.  Yes, the border has some issues where the squares on their ends aren't quite even but then it is supposed to be representative of a primitive antique rug, right?  And that just adds to the interest. 

The lion on the left will be hooked properly (I think) once I get started.  For sure I didn't want it to look like it had four ears but was trying to determine the area for the mane.  In the original antiques both lions reminded me of Amish men with full beards which were under their chin and all around the head.  Uh, not sure that I want that look in my rug; however, maybe, just maybe I'll change my mind just to stay more closely connected to the antique.  It is MY rug after all so can take some creative license to pick and choose what I want from the antique to make my own.

Okay, you've waited long enough and here is the linen I just drew out before Sandy hit full scale.  AND, those light spots you see on the backing is where I've put some similar colored paint on my linen (just now) so when it dries it will be the same as the backing and I'll know which was my latest change.
Now, remember this is a work in progress so might make changes on it as I go.  This isn't a huge rug as it seems that I like ones which are large enough to use as floor rugs, small enough to hang or put on a chest.  Not to mention the fact that it gets hooked faster when it is smaller.  I'm having to use my Townsend huge floor frame for the Wee Folk because no way I could use my other frames. 

I'm too lazy to take the Wee Folk rug off to take a picture tonight, besides, Ben has been having cabin fever and demanding more time of his mom.  So maybe tomorrow I'll finish off the month with a more current picture of my Wee Folk rug. 

I'm sorry for all the devastation that New York and New Jersey has encountered.  While Delaware and Maryland has encountered some loss also, I feel lucky to have come thru Sandy rather unscathed (tho I still have flood issues, limbs, etc.) but no way could I fathom the destruction issues many others are having right now.  My heart goes out to all of you.

Would like to mention that I've had numerous spams from 'anonymous' bloggers so I have disabled them from posting on my blog. Sorry to do that because there are legitimate hookers out there who for some reason wish to not be identified.  WHY?"  Who the heck knows.  I don't mind putting my face and name out there!  But because of the numerous spams I'm no longer accepting 'anonymous' posts.    SIGH.... but I feel good right now!

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  1. Saundra ~
    I am happy to hear you've made it through Sandy relatively unscathed. I cannot imagine what it must be like out east because I am west of Cleveland and it has been just hellacious. I went down to Lake Erie about 6 pm to try to get some pictures and the wind almost blew me over (and I'm no lightweight!) There are lots of downed trees and last night ~ after working 16 hours ~ I came home to a cold house with no power. Thankfully I had a pug blanket to help keep me warm...lol!
    LOVE your rug. I'm sure you will make those lions proud!
    Pug hugs :)
    P.S. I had the same problem with anonymous spam comments that I no longer allow them, either.

  2. Glad to hear that Seaford survived the storm. Denise

  3. *****i like your version of the jolly lions...over the years it has
    been a very popular design and perhaps you will jump start that
    popularity again. here on an island
    in maine we had lots of wind, but that is all of the damage. the storms coming in are spectacular to watch because we live on a peninsula at the island's end. where are you going to have a rug retreat with lucille? she's great and hooks some wonderful rugs. please say hello to her and have a good time! no, back to raking all of those pesky leaves!!!

  4. Surprisingly, we had felt the high winds from that storm in Indiana. Two days of ferocious winds. Can't imagine what it was like further east. Quiet now, can hear a pin drop. So glad you made it through.

  5. Another fine rug from you........can't wait to see the colors develop.
    Glad you are ok!


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