Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Much Better on Wee Folk

Oh man am I a happy hooker now!  Or at least more happy than I was a few days ago so won't tuck this rug and wool away to be another UFO just quite yet.  I'll work on this baby until I go to my next rug camp.  

I've been so busy with appointments and responsibilities that my hooking time on it has taken a slump, that is why you aren't seeing much progress until now, and even then it is minimal.  This is how my rug looks now and must admit that I'm much happier with it ~ OH SO MUCH happier with it.  Now, could be that I might run another dark blue border around the perimeter once it is hooked but will decide once the rug is done otherwise.
This is what it looked like before.  So you tell me which is better.
Obviously this rug won't be done before I go to my next camp in 3 weeks but at least I feel better knowing that it has potential.  But now I have to decide what the heck I'm going to hook with Lucille Festa .  I sure do enjoy her class because she is the salt of the earth, has a sense of humor much like me and  like her primitive style and wool.

However, before I go I must clean this pig sty so that the house and Ben sitter won't think I live in dirt.  So that too will take away from my hooking time on the Wee Folk rug.

Thanks for putting up with my thoughts, ranting and raving about the boring recaps of rugs that I work on.  Yet I did say that I'd mostly keep my blog about rug hooking related posts.

Have a great day tomorrow; stop and look at the colorful falling leaves, smile and say 'hello' to someone and change their day.  I'm sure by doing all that you will have a nicer day yourself.  Smiling at someone gives them a boost as well as yourself.

Sigh.......I just gave everyone a smile and woolley hugs.  Thanks for stopping by.



  1. Weeeeeeee, yes it does look better!!

  2. Saundra ~
    I like the change and I LOVE the rug!!!
    Hugs :)

  3. I like the all green background! It simplifies it!

  4. Now you look at the rug and your eyes just "rest". Before, it was like your eyes had to work too hard and things popped out that made it look a bit busy. I love the new changes.
    We told'd get it.


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