Monday, October 22, 2012

Small Fix not Enough

My small fix was not enough and now I know what to do.  Since I was afraid of a radical change from the direction given me on color planning the rug didn't want to just rip out everything at the border line.  So thought about keeping the red there and adding spokes and blue.  But now, with this picture I know exactly what I need to do.... well, almost.  Here is a picture I just took with the minor change.  But sometimes it really is best to start with a minimal change and see if it works.  However, my quick fix did not fix the problem.
For sure that red is coming out at the top and will be filled in with the background color (I can always dye more wool).  After hooking the background color in I'll have a better idea as to whether it should be the blue for the banner line or maybe switch it to red since there will be blue along the rest of the perimeter.  Even tho this is primitive nice linen I'm not sure about pulling out and re-hooking numerous times because it will eventually weaken even linen I'm sure.  So I'll hold off replacing the blue yet again (was red before if you check back in my blog) so already it has been re hooked twice.  But with that going to be the background color will try red for the banner line in a new spot along the way to make a comparison.

Must say I was almost tempted to just put this whole rug and wool aside as I was quite frustrated ~ didn't like what I saw, thought that I had a color plan all ready in place and it wasn't working out.  But since I'll start another rug in 3 weeks thought that I'd see it thru because what isn't needed in my house is yet another UFO collecting dust and having negative vibes.

And, in all honesty, while I love love love whimsical and colorful rugs that I see hooked by others, I just don't have that in me to do it justice.  I love Gail DuFresne rugs, love her color sense but just cannot pull it off.  Even took a class with her asking her to please force me out of my comfort zone.  Bless her heart she tried, I finished the rug and sold it at a show, so someone appreciated my piece.  Yet, it wasn't me and so desperately wanted to be able to go there.  Which means there is no way that I could ever be a McGowan certified teacher because I cannot do bright color.  

Okay, for McGowan certification you'd have to do narrow cut and wide cut primitive,  I've done narrow cut and know for sure that I CAN do it.  But do I like it?  Heck no!  Here is a picture of my Rotties hooked in #3 and background in #5 and if I could have pulled off a background in #8 to make it look right I'd have done just that.
Yes, I love the cute Wee Folk design and have wanted to hook it for years.  But each year I'd choose something else to hook instead.  Well now is the time to get this baby done and out of the way.  For in November I'll be back to my wide cut, naive, dark primitive old looking rugs!!!!!!

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  1. I'm sure you will get it, just right! Don't be too hard on yourself, it kills creativity. I believe!

    Sissy Two is a glamour lady, she once told me, when I said I was thankful for colors at a ladies bible study, "that THAT was why I dressed in things that did not look good on me, my love of color"! So to each her own, I guess!!

  2. I guess that's why I like very little detail. The less I have to think about color, the!
    Hugs :)

  3. *****no matter how many years one has behind them in this art form...there are always challanges. sometimes the simpler the pattern, the greater the challange! you're simply on overload...hook the interior and the rest will come as you hook!
    good luck...

  4. Yr fix looks good to me ~ but I'm with you in regard to all that detail and fine cuts! It's not for everybody! If I use an 8 cut, that seems small to me! I like my 9 and 9.5 ~ it fills in pretty fast!!! Forge ahead, Saundra ~ don't let that rug win!!!

  5. Oh sweetie! Rest easy! This rug is going to be spectacular. You are much too critical of yourself. I love the's a beauty!!!!!!! Hang in there............have a glass of wine. You will perfect it. I have no fear.

    I love love love Gail. One of my very favorite people and I do not know her all that well ----- but I love her to bits. What a "REAL" person.


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