Tuesday, October 9, 2012

On the Frame Again......

As I'm typing the post title I am humming Willie Nelson's song, "On the Road Again".  Oh man have I been waiting to put this rug back on my frame since being home from Cape May about three weeks ago.  BUT, I had well over 100 patterns to draw (hey, I gotta support my habit), finished hooking a mat which has since been steamed, bound and shipped as of today) and now I can put the Wee Folk back on my frame.  

You won't see a whole lot of achievement since the picture taken at Cape May but at least there is a little.  Although I wanted to hook one of the flags before taking a picture figured that two days was long enough for you hooker followers to wait for pictures and information about hooking on a hooking blog.  Here it is now and after posting the blog will go cut some wool for a flag to start.
I'm going in so many directions with the rug..... want to hook a flag, want to start the border, want to get more of the background done.  Sheesh, enough already Saundra!  Chill, take your time, relax and enjoy the journey..... ahhhhhhh, I feel relaxed already.

This is a big honking rug and it will look adorable in the location I have planned.  
Okay, so this is how it looked at Cape May when I left.

And, want to talk about the "S" configuration for the background which is a lesson learned from Bev Conway MANY years ago and which I follow 'sometimes', depending on my mood.

Barb is not a believer of the echo or ripple effect of  hooking.  However, in the right cases it is absolutely the right thing to do (I think).  For more primitive naive cases it perfectly okay.  UH, I'd LOVE to have opinion's here (Lynne??)!!!  A perfect example of a great "S" background is my Rottweiler Memorial rug of precious Shumba and Panzer.
With all that background the ripple effect would have overtaken the beauty of the dog profiles.  So for sure I had to do the S design there where there was no noticeable hooking lines.

But I'm still thinking about Wee Folk because it doesn't seem to be that there is all that open background space which would detract from the animal images.  Plus, it IS a primitive naive design and that ripple effect just might make the individual critters stand out.;  Will see...... stay tuned and see what this rebel hooker decides to do.  


  1. Well, rebel hooker ~
    I think the rug is going to be magnificent however you decide to proceed!
    Hooray that you got all your hooking "work" done and can pick up your hook just for you!
    Hugs :)

  2. well I'm no hooker, so can't help, but i love the look of the fol, the color in the sunlight is amazing, and I love the intricate details that sing! makes me want to join in!

  3. There. I have read every post in your archives and am up to speed on this great blog of yours. I love your Wee Folk progress and am in awe of your Rott rug!

  4. I absolutely love this rug. I love all the various colors you get to use. It's looking fantastic. You totally amaze me with the number of rugs you put out!!!!!


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