Thursday, October 18, 2012

Some Antique Eye Candy

Oh yeah baby, let's have a peek at some wonderful vintage textile delights that I've stumbled upon just recently.   Actually spent time on the computer instead of hooking on my Wee Folk rug.  And my intentions were to go upstairs first thing and work a little on my Edward Tulane Rabbit that was started MONTHS ago.  But as I always manage to do...... found something else to do instead of working on it.

I've hooked a couple floral rugs and not ready to do another quite yet but thought this was lovely.
And of course this is a real beauty and was the inspiration for the design Primitive Ponies on Woolley Fox.

Here is an antique pictorial applique made around 1840 which I thought was in wonderful condition, it is at the American Folk Art Museum.
This is a soft rug and delicate despite the primitive dark background.  It was obviously a wedding rug for the Bride.  And I know that I have see the one hooked for the Groom but could not locate that one today.
And and early 20th century room size rug and wonder if it was in a child's room because of the subjects.
Thought this one was nice also, with the birds and rabbits in the corners.
Thanks for stopping by and I've got to get off the computer and do something because soon I need to leave for an appointment.



  1. these are wonderful, I esp. love the 3rd one, just love the pictorials!

  2. I love them I am very fond of the dog with rabbits and birds.

  3. If I only had more time to hook...big sigh!!!
    Hugs :)


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