Saturday, October 27, 2012

New Rug / Old Rug

I have been trying to decide what to hook at my next rug camp and have narrowed it down to something with lions.  This will make the fourth lion rug I've hooked.  This is the last one I hooked:

The one before that was Rufus, a design by Bev Conway which I hooked in her class.

The one previous to that was a Mad Hen lion rug and unfortunately lost the photo and the rug has been sold so not available for a picture.  However, this is a picture of the design I hooked, designed by Tonya (borrowed from her web site).
So now am thinking of doing a antique adaptation of a lion and lioness.  There is only two weeks left before camp so I have a lot of preparation to do and I'd better get busy.

What is making matters worse is the FrankenStorm hitting us here on the eastern coast.  It is headed directly in my path and within the last 5 years have been flooded out twice.  This development has a stream surrounding it which gets run off from a local pond and river just a mile from me.

So will be sketching and using electric resources while I still have them because news is that power outages will occur and probably for days.  OY!  I've plenty of batteries, candles, water and have propane gas logs for heat in the living room.  If worse comes to worse I'll sleep on the sofa and Ben can sleep in the room too.

Keep your fingers crossed that all the preparation is for naught and a miracle happens and the Mother of all Storms goes out to sea.

OH, and I'm making some headway on the Wee Folk and the 'old' rug will be updated tomorrow after I pull a few more loops.



  1. Saundra ~
    I'll pray that Frankenstorm spares you!!! Sounds as if you are prepared in case it hits.
    You hook the bestest rugs, girlfriend.
    Hugs :)

  2. I hope the Frankenstorm peters out before it gets to you! Love all of the lion rugs! It must be the manes that attract us to them...I've hooked one myself.

  3. Love the lions!
    Praying you fare well through the storm, God bless you & Ben!

  4. Hope you make it through the storm with no problems. Good luck on your new project preparations!

  5. I love your lion rugs... OffTheHookWoolRugs has an awesome whimsical lion pattern in black/gold checks, with a rainbow mane that pops!! That's on my list to hook one day soon... There are so many patterns of lions, it's hard to choose. And girl, be careful in that monster storm!!

  6. Saundra, Stay safe and I am hope you get missed by the storm , Hugs Cheri


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