Sunday, October 28, 2012

Making a Little Headway

Although I've been dividing my time working on an Edward Tulane Rabbit, drawing out an antique adaptation for my next camp and battening down the hatches for this mega storm, I have made a little headway on Wee Folk.  Oh and lest we not forget the fact I've done some reverse hooking and had to re-hook that whole area where the red was and replace it with the background color.
It is raining here and the wind has picked up a little but not nearly what we will encounter hours from now.  Sure wish Ben could be trained to a litter box as neither he nor I will want to walk in the rain or thrashing trees in this wooded area that I call home.  I'll be scared a big limb or tree top will snap off and harm us when the heavier winds and gusts start happening.

Since I have power now thought it best that I post a current picture and update my blog now.  I'd considered hooking longer so there would be more progress but better take advantage of power while I have it.

For any of you in the path of this storm, I empathize.... be safe.



  1. Saundra...your rug is beautiful and I LOVE the background color !!!
    I am hoping it doesn't get too nasty here either, but I know that is not to be the case, as the wind has already picked up a bit here and it is raining harder than it has been since last night....
    My furbaby is a sissy and cried to come right back in the house after I left her out earlier...she is so prissy and hates to get
    Stay safe, warm and dry !!!

  2. love the way it is coming together, still praying for you & Ben! looking for good to come with the progress you can show us later on!


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