Monday, October 1, 2012


Oh my but what happened to the last several months which seemed to fly by?  And, all too soon it will be the winter holidays.  Not sure I'm ready for that yet, but am ready for the cool nights and sunny days of fall.

Okay, I had several fall related pictures to share which were on my flash drive, but the folder which held "Saundra's Stuff " just disappeared last night which may have been due to operator error.  So since I still own this rug just did take a picture of an old rug hooked way back in 2003.  You can see the Indian Corn that the magnificent crow is picking away at.  I LOVE Crows (yeah Te're you do too since you ARE a Crow by name).
This was a pattern that was offered by Rittermer-Hurst in Canada and is a design by Ann Hallet.  I just love this rug.  This was the pattern taken to Cape May the very first year attending there and it was in a class with the wonderful Patsy Becker.  I couldn't wait to take a class with that rug hooking legend.  She was not in good health at the time but she was ever vigilant in keeping to her task as a hooking teacher.  I recall that was also the first year that I met Dick and George and what fun they were.  George is the most wonderful story teller!!!!!  He used to post on Rughookers and I miss those elaborate and funny stories.

Dick was also in Patsy's class and remember him as being helpful with the difficulty of  language translations with a brand new Japanese visitor and new hooker.  He and she were Communicating with hands, and what it takes to make communication with others.   I've been in the same situation with other people from different countries and while it is a challenge it is a beautiful way to connect.

The Crow rug has been in front of my kitchen sink on the floor since it was completed in 2003.  YES folks, these wool rugs are resilient.  Yes, I've spilled things on it and have immediately taken it to the laundry room and washed it with mild soap and water, let it dry and you see how it is after all these years.

Well, I have yet another picture of one of my rugs to add to the NEW folder of 'Saundra's Stuff' which I lost the other day.  

So happy you stopped by. 


  1. Love your crow!!he's wonderful!

  2. You are so dang talented ~ and were back in 2003!!! Wonderful rug!
    Hugs :)

  3. Marny Cherrington

    Your rug was designed by Ann Hallett of Coldwater Ontario -a wonderful artist and hooker and teacher -you have done her proud, it is a beautiful crow !

    October 1 2012 8.52pm


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